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6 Best Ice Cream Shops in Boise

Last updated March 12, 2020 by Totally Boise

Spring is coming, the sun is shining, and the days stay lighter longer, which means we’re going to be treating ourselves to our favorite sweet treat- ice cream! The Treasure Valley is filled with special ice cream joints, we challenge you to try each of these places this ice cream season. Here are our top 6 favorite ice cream spots in Boise.


Photo Credit: Stella’s Ice Cream

Are you a cone person or in a bowl? How about submerged with soda? Or even in between a cookie? Whatever way you like to eat your ice cream Stella’s does it! From amazing baked goods to delicious savory ice cream, Stella’s is the bomb. Stella’s is all about the Boise community and fostering joy one scoop at a time, they want you to feel welcomed, and make the bad times good, the good times even better, and your cravings satisfied! All flavors are made in house, so it’s always fresh. Stella’s uses local ingredients as much as they can and never skimp on the good stuff. If mom wouldn’t serve it, neither does Stella’s! You’ll find some unique flavors you won't find anywhere else in the world, which is why it continues to thrive as a fan favorite. Stella’s keeps your taste buds on their toes changing flavors every single day, always offering a variety of 16 flavors. They also carry dairy-free options so everyone in the family can join in on the yumminess.

Fun Fact: Keep your eyes open for Stella’s new location opening in the heart of Downtown Boise coming 2020!

To see the list of flavors they have each day check out their Facebook:

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Delsa’s Ice Cream Parlour

Photo Credit: Delsa’s Ice Cream Parlour

What started originally as an 80-acre dairy farm, Owen and Delsa Walton reached for the sky and ended on an old fashion scoop of deliciousness. Mrs. Walton started out making ice cream for kids in the neighborhood and ended up establishing an award-winning, iconic ice cream parlour and diner, making Delsa’s unforgettable. With more than 130 flavors on-site to choose from, Delsa’s makes it impossible to not find something yummy for everyone. Delsa’s is as old-fashion and real as it gets serving the same original recipes that began in 1961. They live by making ice cream full of flavor with no unnecessary distracting ingredients, letting you savor every bite and taking you back in time where things were simple. From famous sundaes to amazing flavors it's too good not to try. Delsa’s is only seasonal though, letting them take a break and recoup, coming back better than ever for the crazy summer months. The good news is they are reopening in March which means the wait is almost over! We’ll be running to Delsa’s the day they re-open. See you there!

Check out their website for updates:

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Goody’s Soda Fountain and Candy Store

Photo Credit: Goody’s Fountain and Candy Store

Located in the beautiful Hyde Park, Goody’s Soda Fountain and Candy Store is definitely a spot to hit when strolling the cozy neighborhood streets. Making their ice cream right in the store leaves you with a fresh, rich, and creamy scoop of ice cream every time you visit. When you take a bite of their ice cream you taste 33 years of ice cream making experience, now that's an expert! At Goody’s, they serve sundaes, ice cream soda, malts, banana splits and so much more. Whether it’s a hot summer day, or cold Boise night, Goody’s hits the spot. If you haven’t tried Goody’s you're missing out. Plus, on top of the delicious home-made ice cream, they make home-made chocolate. Ice cream & chocolate? What could be better! Besides the ice cream and chocolate, Goody’s has an original 1930’s soda fountain making the experience unforgettable.

PS: Their famous Girl Scout Thin Mint shakes are back while supplies last, this flavor is the top of our charts! Head over before they run out!

Check out their website for more:

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C4 Creamery

Photo Credit: C4 Creamery

The latest ice cream trend has finally come to Boise! Yes, you guessed it... Rolled ice cream! Now you all can get that perfect Instagram picture of the coolest ice cream out there. C4 Creamery was established in 2018 by one of Treasure Valley’s own, The Burgin’s. By falling in love with the experience they had trying it, they came together as a family to create a unique, fun experience for Boiseans. C4 Creamery started as a mobile tent, where you have probably seen them rolling ice cream at the Capital City Public Market. In 2019, C4 Creamery expanded to a storefront location on Cole Road, where they strive in making the best experience taste delicious. With unique signature combos such as the caramel crunch, maple bacon peanut butter roll, and the spud roll in honor of Idaho, you’re invited to let your wildest ice cream flavors come to life! C4 Creamery makes delicious ice cream and brings such a fun experience, you’ll be wanting to bring everyone you know to try it out.

Check out all their signature combos:

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The Stil

Photo Credit: The Stil

The Stil in the heart of Downtown Boise, and now with a second located in Southeast Boise, is continually named one of the best desserts in the Treasure Valley. From custom crafted dairy ice cream, to non-dairy & vegan options, to booze-infused flavors you’ll be drooling every time you walk in. The Stil offers a variety of frozen treats all made with locally sourced ingredients. The Stil is changing the way ice cream is enjoyed especially for the adults, with beer and wine pairings to go with your favorite flavors as a unique spin on the normal ice cream date. With the unique atmosphere, delicious flavors, and endless options the Stil is a must when deciding your next ice cream spot.

Fun Fact: The Stil is all about your furry friends, they have a dog-friendly patio and love to see all your cute pups!

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Fanci Freez

Photo credit: Fanci Freez

Every true Boisean knows about Fanci Freez, and if you don’t we are here to tell you! Fanci Freez has been a true iconic Boise experience since 1947, they have the best milkshakes and ice cream with over 49 flavors to mix and match. Fanci Freez has delicious dipped cones, candy-coated cones, and you can turn any soda into a spin or float! Fanci Freez has been a staple to the Treasure Valley and will always leave you craving more. Not only serving ice cream and milkshakes, but you can also order one of their delicious burgers to top off the yumminess Fanci Freez brings to Boise.

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Craving ice cream? No need to fret you now have a list of the best ice cream spots in Boise to start trying. Let us know what you think of them by tagging @TotallyBoise in your pictures when going!




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