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Did you know There are Two Types of Canada Geese in Boise?

Last updated March 10, 2020 by Totally Boise

It’s no question, geese are frequent flyers all around Boise. Canada Geese are the main species we see at our Boise’s parks, golf courses, ponds and even on Boise State’s Campus. They are known to have a black head, brown body, white cheeks and a white chin. You also can’t forget the loud hiss when they are angry (every Boisean has run from shock when they have heard them). But did you know that there are two types of populations of Canada Geese in the Treasure Valley?

Boise Idaho Geese

The first population we have are the migrating ones that nest north of us and come here in the winter. Yes, some actually migrate away from the Treasure Valley, but why do we still have so many hanging around Boise? This question leads us to the other population of the greater Canada Geese, they are typically bigger in size and are here year-round... so that’s why they’re always hanging around town. These types of geese were actually brought here by people who wanted to have year round geese to hunt! Their favorite food is grass, so of course, Boise parks and all the areas of open green grass keep them sticking around Boise. They usually nest near open parks for an obstructed view of predators. During much of the year, they associate in large flocks, and are often related to one another. A fun fact about these Canada Geese is they are known to have a low “divorce” rate which means they typically mate for life. These geese usually don’t start mating until their fourth year!

Canada Geese have quite the personality. They tend to be territorial, even if you just walk past them there’s a chance they’ll feel threatened and will hiss at you! They are protective and will attack if you get too close to them. Geese aren’t shy, if you’re minding your own business, they aren’t scared to let you know that you’re in their way.

It’s not hard to miss a goose, they’re all over our city. But make sure to stay aware, and of course, watch out for the geese poop!

Canadian Geese in Boise, Idaho




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