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Out With The Old and in with the New: Boise's Remodeling Experts Thompson Construction & Excavation

Last updated March 24, 2021 by Totally Boise

New to the Treasure Valley, Thompson Construction & Excavation Owner and Operator Ryan Thompson has over 15 years of construction and remodeling experience.

Having a deep-rooted passion for construction, Ryan has always aspired to be a small business owner, where he can apply his knowledge and expertise to remodeling homes.

Idaho Top Design Services:

Kitchen Remodel:

According to a 2018 Forbes article, kitchen remodels are the top remodels in the home. Kitchen trends and needs constantly change. However, finding a skilled company to install a kitchen remodel is essential. Ryan and his crew are experienced in kitchen installs and have clear communication and realistic timelines for getting the job done.

Fireplace Remodel:

If you are fortunate to have a fireplace in Boise, it's a game-changer when it comes to upgrading. Fireplaces are typically one of the last things homeowners consider when remodeling but are some of the most outdated. Thompson Construction can give your home a whole new look just by updating your fireplace.

Bathroom Remodel:

The bathroom can be one of the trickiest rooms to remodel — from the tiles, replacing the tub, to the pipes. Letting professionals take control of your bathroom to remodel ensures everything is completed the first time correctly and without hassle.

As we enter spring, now is the perfect time to start planning those home renovations you've been thinking about all year. Thompson Construction is a full-service construction company that specializes in kitchen, bathroom, and fireplace remodels.

Other construction services offered: custom tile work, drywall install and repair, interior and exterior painting, fencing, and demolition.

Excavation Services

Being a home remodel and excavation service company, Thompson Construction is superior in excavation services. Spring is the perfect time to add bark, rock or other landscaping needs to your home exterior.

Other excavation services offered: sewer and drainage, irrigation, trenching, dirt removal, heavy rubbish removal, and post-construction clean-up.

3D Rendering Designs

Home remodel projects can be stressful and hard to envision. Thompson Construction gives clients 3D renderings of their design ideas — allowing clients to feel at ease throughout the project.

3D Renderings are helpful to clients for various reasons:

  • Providing conceptualization to better understand the design
  • Allowing clients an opportunity to experiment with changes before construction starts saves time and money
  • Giving clients something to look forward to during the process

Ryan and his team at Thompson Construction will design and execute all of your home remodeling needs from start to finish. Their honest pricing, trustworthiness, and level of communication set them apart from competitors.

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