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Your Passport to Supporting Boise Local This Spring

Last updated March 19, 2021 by Tessa Bishop

Boise in spring is quite delightful — fresh air, sunny skies, and people taking advantage of the many outdoor recreational opportunities. We're feeling ambitious and ready to embrace this revered season in the city we call home. So, as your local Boise experts, we're here to share some spring activities we think you'll love.

From enjoying Boise's finest eating to hanging out in the park, add these ideas to your bucket list for a memorable spring.

Check all 6 of these recommendations off your bucket list this spring:

1. Enjoy Your Favorite Coffee or Tea Drink from a Local Cafe

There's nothing better than sitting on a sunny patio outside your favorite local coffee shop on a weekend morning. Over the past couple of years, we've seen an increase in specialty coffee shops here in the Treasure Valley. We're still on a mission to try each and every one of them.

This spring, we challenge you to try one or five new coffee shops! See what the Treasure Valley coffee scene has to offer.

These are a few of our favorite coffee shops in Boise:

Outstanding Local Coffee Shops

2. Stop In and Browse One of Our Local Boutiques

Spring cleaning comes, and next thing you know, it's time to restock your wardrobe. Boise's shopping is anything from limited. And the best part is, many Boise entrepreneurs have set out to create local boutiques and clothing lines.

These are a couple of Boise's local clothing brands and boutiques you can find Downtown:

  • Voxn Clothing
  • Banana INK
  • Wear Boise
  • Hayes Boutique

There are many, many more shops scattered around the Treasure Valley.

View Totally Boise's Guide to Boise shopping for more details:

Shopping in Boise

3. Experience a Peaceful, Healing Atmosphere at Salt Sanctuary

As springtime brings new life to the nature surrounding us, we're reminded about the importance of harmony and feeling of wellbeing in our lives. What if we told you we found a beautiful haven that invites you to step away from the hustle and bustle of the world that provides halotherapy treatments in a calm, quiet space. Salt Sanctuary, located off State Street, is a quiet healing urban oasis.

Salt Sanctuary has three salt rooms that offer halotherapy treatments, which help the body to reach optimum health through the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimicrobial agent we know as salt. When you experience halotherapy, the mind gets quiet, and the body begins to breathe better, feel better, and sleep better.

Salt Sanctuary is a dreamy, peaceful haven. They offer a variety of wellness services; see what you can experience:

Salt Sanctuary

4. Explore Boise's Foothills With a Hike

If you love Boise, it's safe to assume the foothills are on your list of reasons why. Boise has over 243 miles of trails open for the public to explore. From biking loops to hiking routes to paths for leisure walks, you can most definitely find a trail that fits your preference.

Enjoy the fresh spring air, blooming nature, and lighter evening skies by hiking a Boise foothills trail.

Learn about the 199 different trails in the Treasure Valley:

Ridge to Rivers Trails

To get this checked off in the passport, be sure to take a picture as proof and send it to us after you've completed all six spring activities!

5. Spend the Afternoon at Idaho's First Public Market, CHOW Market

Bringing a new kind of approach to shop, dine, and unwind. If you haven't heard of CHOW Market, listen up. CHOW brings the ultimate experience of a unique culinary collection of local Boise food vendors, all under one roof.

Restaurants You Can Find in CHOW:

  • Good Burger
  • Tamales Nelly
  • The Gelato Shop
  • Louisiana Soul Bayou
  • CHOW Coffee Bar

As a collective space, CHOW is the perfect balance of local marketplace, restaurant, and gathering place. As if the eateries aren't enough, CHOW has a boutique filled with locally-made goods, Bar 76 where you can purchase beer or wine, and is home to Paint 'n Sip.

With huge rolling counter doors, CHOW invites bright sunshine and warm air into the space making for a great afternoon spring location.

Stay up to date with events happening at CHOW Public Market:

CHOW Public Market Article

6. Immerse Yourself in the Boise Art Scene

One of the fantastic things about Boise is the emerging art scene. From local artists to musicians and everything in between, Boise locals have set out to create a dynamic environment for artists of all skill levels and skillsets.

There's no better way to experience the Boise culture than to learn, create, and explore the amazing art pop-ups, murals around town, or watching a local band perform live. This spring, join us in celebrating the people who help make Boise unique!

Whether you choose to watch a performance or wander around the art installations downtown, options truly are endless. Make sure to take a picture or video to share your experience with us.

Here are events happening around the town for you to check out:

Discover Boise Events

There is much to love about spring in Boise. The sky is brighter, the sun is shining, and the city is buzzing with activity after being cooped up all winter. While Idaho residents are proud to live here for many reasons, we at Totally Boise are most proud of the amount of support people have shown to our inspiring network of Treasure Valley small businesses.

While many people have supported our small businesses throughout the years (shopping at the local Co-op, going to the Saturday Market, etc.), it was the pandemic that proved just how much Boiseans truly supported their favorite spots. Join us this spring in shopping our local businesses while also enjoying all that Boise has to offer.

Totally Boise Passport Challenge

We've got a fun adventure calling your name!

Step 1: Find a Totally Boise Spring Guide around town. (You can find them on our map of locations:)

Totally Boise MAG Locations

Step 2: Spend spring participating in the six activities mentioned in this article. Take pictures, tag us using #totallyboise, and check off the corresponding box in this MAG.

Step 3: Once your passport is completed, snap a picture and send it to

Step 4: You'll be entered to win an epic giveaway. The winner will be announced on the first day of Summer.

Need more spring fun? Here's your guide to Boise in the spring:

Spring Guide to Boise




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