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The Ronald McDonald House in Boise Expands

Last updated January 30, 2020 by Tessa Bishop
Updated: January 30th

Back in October, we toured the new Ronald McDonald House of Idaho as they were 10 months into construction of a way larger, more spacious, and more welcoming home for families in the area. Today, we got to tour the house as it is completed and just about ready to bring in families!

When the organization saw a need to develop a house that could hold more families, they also set out to create a home that was warmer and more inviting to the families of children being treated at a Boise medical facility. It’s safe to say, the team exceeded all of their goals and made a beautiful home filled with open windows, comforting environments, and tranquil spaces.

The new Ronald McDonald House can host 47 families, has beautiful open living spaces, amazing playrooms, and has truly thought of every detail to make these families instantly enter a peaceful state.

Some exciting news the team shared with us:

  • They received donations from nearly 500 donors
  • They reached their campaign goal of $15.3 million
  • With the help of the community, they were able to add special additions to the house including amazing photographs all throughout the house

The new Ronald McDonald House of Idaho is set to begin moving families in on Monday, February 3rd. Before then, you can tour the space on Saturday February 1st, at the community open house from 12PM - 5PM!

The Ronald McDonald House is always looking for volunteers to help out. To learn more about how you can support the house click here:

Visit Site

Date: Oct 28, 2019

After turning away 82 families in 2018, the Ronald McDonald House in Boise saw a need for more space to give families a comfortable place to stay with the support, care, and understanding provided by the team and volunteers.

Ronald McDonald House - New House

The Ronald McDonald House serves families with seriously ill or injured children being treated at a Boise medical facility. Families facing the burden of their children’s illness along with complicated medical needs, maintaining their jobs, caring for other children or family members and keeping up with medical expenses are already under enough stress. The Ronald McDonald House of Idaho takes care of the family so they can focus on their sick child.

For over 32 years the organization has been working out of their current 17 bedroom historic house across from the St. Lukes downtown location, offering temporary housing to families. It’s time for an upgrade as the Idaho Ronald McDonald House has made it their initiative to provide the most and make room for every family in need of a stay.

We got the chance to get an inside look of the new Ronald McDonald House and here’s what got us so excited:

Ronald McDonald House - Construction

The house is a huge upgrade as it will have 47 rooms in total. Cole Architects designed the new house with the hope for families to feel as though they are “walking into someone’s living room”, giving them a bit of peace during a traumatic time. Thankfully, ESI Construction has been able to make the Ronald McDonald House and Cole Architects dreams come true.

The house will include:

  • 47 Guest Rooms

    Each a bit bigger with private bathrooms, extra shelves, and room for a fridge.

  • 4 Guest Laundry Rooms

    Taking the ease of laundry off families, giving all the essentials to complete laundry throughout their stay.

  • 4 Kitchens, including 1 dual kitchen for volunteer prep

    Fully stocked to take away the pressure of shopping, cooking and cleaning. The kitchen has also been a source of connection for many, which is larger cooking spaces were built.

  • Game Room

    Stocked with gaming consoles, board games and activities for kids of all ages.

  • Playroom

    The playroom can be utilized for younger children to play and gives a chance for parents to step away.

  • A “magic” toy room for siblings

    A very exciting element that children get to experience. A hidden toy room only opening at the wave of a magic wand and is stocked with some of the best toys. Giving siblings the chance to get something for themselves, during a stressful time for the family.

  • An outdoor courtyard and playground

    Located in the center of the building, the courtyard and playground will allow families to step outside and enjoy some fresh air.

The house is designed to create an open and welcoming home away from home, with windows throughout to give natural light all over the house. Families have the ability to enjoy the outside from within, as the bright light shines in.

The Ronald McDonald House also includes halls and section cubbies for families to step aside and enjoy much needed quiet time.

Ronald McDonald House - Guest Room

The Ronald McDonald House gives help to families during some of the most traumatic times. To make the new house a reality, the Ronald McDonald House made it a goal to raise $15.3 million. As of now, the house has raised about $12 million, but is still working to reach their goal! By making a donation you can help ensure that the Ronald McDonald House of Idaho follows their initiative to make room for every family.

The Ronald McDonald House has also established a house warming wish list to help fulfill the house’s needs before opening it up to families.

Curious about the old house? St. Lukes will be taking it over to house families of adults seeking special medical care.

The new facility broke ground on construction February 1, 2019, and is planning to cut the ribbon exactly a year later on February 1, 2020.

Follow along for updates as the house nears it’s completion and welcoming families:
The New Ronald McDonald House in Boise, Idaho
The New Ronald McDonald House in Boise, Idaho
The New Ronald McDonald House in Boise, Idaho
The New Ronald McDonald House in Boise, Idaho
The New Ronald McDonald House in Boise, Idaho
The New Ronald McDonald House in Boise, Idaho




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