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Zoo Boise Expands - The New Gorongosa National Park Exhibit

Last updated July 16, 2019 by Tessa Bishop

The opening is here, we’re pretty stoked!

We’ve been waiting a while for the day the new 2.5-acre expansion of the Zoo Boise opens. We are excited to say it’s finally here, the new Gorongosa National Park Exhibit is opening Wednesday, July 17th!

Zoo Boise Entrance

The new exhibit is an exciting addition to the educational and conversation opportunities already available at the Zoo. The exhibit highlights the Gorongosa National Park from Mozambique, Africa. The Gorongosa was once one of the greatest parks in Africa but was destroyed during 25 years of war in Mozambique. The new exhibit results from the Zoo’s partnership with the Gorongosa National Park in Africa to help rebuild the park and increase animal populations, while also addressing the needs of the local community. This exhibit will generate $2 million towards efforts in Mozambique to protect elephants, lions, zebras, and more.

The new exhibit will feature a variety of animals that can be seen in Gorongosa National Park, including African wild dogs, baboons, Nile crocodiles, vervet monkeys, spotted-necked otters, hyenas, warthogs, nyala and southern ground hornbills. The exhibit will also tell the story of the agricultural, medical and education programs that are in place to partner with the local people of Mozambique. Zoo Boise’s hope is for this exhibit to give visitors the information necessary to learn about all the components of a real-life conversation project.

Zoo Boise Nile Crocodile
Zoo Boise African Wild Dogs

Zoo Boise worked hard to ensure the animal enclosures were as similar to Mozambique as possible. Boise State’s professor and tech director for the Theatre Arts Department, Michael Baltzell, and theater arts major Kaitie Branton created landscape paintings based off real locations in the park.

Zoo Boise Gorongosa National Park

The exhibit's opening will kick off at 10 AM on Wednesday, with the Boise Mayor David Bieter, Boise City Council, and many more through a dedication ceremony. Greg Carr, the Idaho philanthropist who encouraged Zoo Boise’s connection with the African wildlife park and its people will make a speech. Following the ceremony will be a ribbon-cutting to officially open the exhibit to the public!

Be sure to visit and support Zoo Boise’s efforts to help rebuild and protect the Gorongosa National Park!

For more information visit: Zoo Boise

Zoo Boise Hog
Zoo Boise Monkey
Zoo Boise Gorongosa National Park
Zoo Boise Monkey
Zoo Boise Monkey
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