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5 Days in a Wandervan

Last updated July 11, 2019 by Totally Boise

Wandervans are the rental campervans that give you a taste of the #vanlife without actually buying a camper van. You can fit all of your camping essentials and it comes with a comfortable bed to sleep in. The storage is ample, the vans drive very nice and the amenities inside are amazing. Bring your entire family and find out why you should book your Wandervan today!

Wandervans of Boise Idaho

Driving our Wandervan

Our van was very comfortable to drive. The van is tall yet you never get the feeling you are going to tip, even when we were going up a mountain on switchbacks. Our van was practically brand new with only 3,400 miles on it at the end of our trip. When renting a Wandervan it comes with 125 miles per day (for 5 days we had 625 miles to use). After that, the miles are charged at $0.35 a mile.

Inside the Wandervan

At 6’3” tall I was expecting to have to duck inside the van. You can image I was pleasantly surprised when I could stand inside and still have 3+ inches of headroom.

Wandervans of Boise Idaho
Wandervans of Boise Idaho
Wandervans of Boise Idaho
Wandervans of Boise Idaho

There are 4 sizes of Wandervans, each with a layout that is a little different. All Wandervans come with a queen size bed (The Large Van comes with double tier queen beds), a big or small bench, a dometic fridge (it runs off your battery even when the van isn’t running) and at least a sink (the Large Whitecloud comes with an entire kitchen).

On each side of the bed there were lights, as well as a cell phone holder and USB plug in to charge your phone or the included fans.

Wandervans of Boise Idaho Wandervans of Boise Idaho

One of our favorite features was the couch that you can move around and face either direction. The couch has 4 configurations. We would often enjoy coffee inside if it was cold out in the mornings and a glass of wine after dinner with the couch facing out the back doors.

Wandervans of Boise Idaho
Wandervans of Boise Idaho

Other items that we had with our Wandervan:

  • Window curtains for complete privacy
  • Fitted sheets, blankets and pillows
  • Portable fans to keep air moving while you sleep
  • Outdoor folding table for cooking
  • 2 camp chairs (one was a loveseat style double chair)
  • 2-burner propane stove
  • Magnetic bug screens for your windows so you can sleep with them down
  • Portable 12v charger with USB and regular plugs
  • Tablet holder in case it was raining we could watch a movie on the couch
Wandervans of Boise Idaho
Wandervans of Boise Idaho
Wandervans of Boise Idaho
Wandervans of Boise Idaho

Storage with Wandervans

Our medium Wandervan had ample storage. When you stepped into the side door you had plenty of hooks to hang your clothing or hats. You also had extra storage underneath the bench as well as under the front of the bed. There is also a shelf under the bed and more shelving under the sink. This storage was great to keep the floor space open while still having all of our clothing & gear easily accessible.

Wandervans of Boise Idaho
Wandervans of Boise Idaho

When you open the back of the van, there are 2 compartments that are wide open and go at least 5 feet under the bed. We were storing 2 65 quart coolers along with all dry food, extra tent, sleeping bags and anything else we needed. After all of this we still had room to spare.

Wandervans Wrap Up

To say we loved our Wandervan is an understatement. Having a small fridge was amazing. We never had to worry about draining our battery or continually getting ice for our food. The pickup and drop off of the van could not have been easier. Even when dealing with a hiccup from our auto insurance, Wandervans was quick to get back to us and get our reservation adjusted so we could actually drive the van and start our trip on time.

Wandervans of Boise Idaho

If you are curious about the #vanlife or just want to take a trip in something that is smaller than an actual RV but plenty big for a family. Choose Wandervans and start wandering.




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