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Star Tuks: The New Way to Get Around Town

Last updated May 21, 2019 by Totally Boise

Have you ever heard of a Tuk Tuk? This type of vehicle originated in Thailand and was brought to Boise by Kendall Mills in August 2018. Kendall Mills is the owner and operator of Star Tuks shuttle services. His passion for the community is what drives the tuk-tuk, and his focus is on providing a safe and eco-friendly form of transportation for Boise. After riding in a Tuk Tuk once in Bangkok, Mills had the idea of opening his very own and would work to become the only Tuk Tuk in all of Idaho.



  • Fits 6 people
  • Heated seats
  • Sound system (You can even request a song)
  • Rainbow LED lights
  • 100% Electric - 100% Eco-Friendly
  • Can be reserved for private outings
Star Tuks

The idea of Star Tuks is to provide short distance transportation around Downtown Boise, or wherever you need to go by request. You can even reserve the Tuk Tuk for any private party you might have. Pricing will vary depending on distance, type of party, and the number of people.

Totally Boise recommends this fun and new way of transportation to get around Boise! The fare is free, but tipping is asked for transportation anywhere within 2 miles of Downtown Boise, from point A to B.

If you’re lucky you might even get the red carpet rolled out for your entrance on and off of the Tuk Tuk.

Star Tuks
Star Tuks
Star Tuks
All Photo Credits: StarTuks




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