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We're Rocking the City with #TotallyBoiseRocks

Last updated January 11, 2019 by Amber Hawton-Hill

Have you heard of the local Facebook groups: Boise Rocks!, Boise Rocks, Nampa “Rocks” and Caldwell ‘ROCKS’?

Totally Boise is excited to join in on the beloved art movement that’s caught on in our community, know as rock art abandonment. Just as literal as it sounds, artists and non-artists alike are painting rocks and other found objects and hiding them for others to find/keep/rehide for the pure reason of spreading joy. We will be doing our very own #totallyboiserocks campaign! With some similarity to geocaching, this art abandonment project operates like this:

  1. Several rocks painted with the Totally Boise logo will be left at our/your favorite Boise locations.
  2. A teaser photo will be posted on our Facebook page which will reveal a clue to its location.
  3. Someone, maybe you, will find them.
  4. If you choose to rehide the rock, please post a new teaser photo and the hashtag #totallyboiserocks so that everyone can follow the rock’s journey.
  5. If you choose to keep the rock, please post a photo saying it was found and that it will have a forever home.

Why We Are Excited About #TotallyBoiseRocks Art Abandonment

Some rock art abandonment groups are formed in honor of an illness or to offer words of encouragement. Here’s why we are hiding #totallyboiserocks:

  • We enjoy seeing the smiles on kiddos face (and adults too) when they post photos of their surprising finds.
  • It visualizes a web of connections we have with people we might never meet, who frequent our same paths and who share our awesome city!
  • Finding and then rehiding the rocks provides a sense of joy that can be paid forward.
  • It embraces the humanity of Boise. We are a growing city that still has a small-town feel, thanks to our priority of community.
  • It offers an opportunity to brighten the day of a fellow Boisean (or someone visiting from out of town).
  • Scavenger hunts are thrilling and rewarding!

Places to Consider Rocking/Hiding

We want to know what your favorite places in Boise are by asking you to find and hide #totallyboiserocks there! If you discover one of the rocks, consider one of these choices as a location for rehiding:

Rocking Rules

  • The first rule is not to tell anyone about the group…JUST KIDDING! Please share with everyone!
  • If choosing a Boise business establishment, we ask that you only hide rocks outside so that they can continue day to day operations.
  • Offer a photo hint or tell people the location you’ll be rocking. People actually go out in search of these treasures and enjoy involving small kids!
  • Keep or rehide, but please post on our Facebook page with the hashtag #totallyboiserocks to let us know where you found the rock and what it’s fate will be!
  • Be a kind and positive ambassador of Boise!
  • Rocking is meant to be fun for all ages and to encourage everyone to get outside and be active in our community. (There’s always something fun to do in Boise!)

Unspoken Rocking Rules

  • Have fun!

By the way, Boise, you totally rock!

Follow the Facebook posts to get hints on the locations of the rocks!

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