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The Hyde Park Wine Shop: Newest Spot in Boise’s Favorite Neighborhood

Ranked the #6 Most Friendly Neighborhood in the U.S. by National Geographic, Hyde Park is known for its eclectic, unique, and friendly spirit. So it’s no surprise that when one of Hyde Park’s most beloved restaurants decided to change their pace, the neighborhood and regulars are more than excited for the change.

What was once Camel’s Crossing, not more than a few months ago, is now the Hyde Park Wine Shop. For years, owner Scott McCoy wanted to open a wine shop in Hyde Park, so when quarantine shifted the way they conducted business, he decided to shift their business model as a whole.

Opening back up at the Hyde Park Wine Shop on Tuesday, October 6, Treasure Valley residents are invited to sit back and relax while enjoying a nice snack and some delicious wine on the fresh patio or inside the cool ambiance.

A Full Retail Wine Shop

The Hyde Park Wine Shop continues to serve snacks, lunch and dinner, but now also has 500 labels of wine to pick up off the shelf and take home with you. McCoy spent the last few months of quarantine every day studying wines and learning what wines needed to be shared with the Treasure Valley. He’s continually researching and educating himself on new wines, and continuing to restock the shelves with wines that can’t be found elsewhere!

Something unique at the Hyde Park Wine Shop is wine bottles can be purchased at retail price.

The New Menu

If you’ve been to Camel’s Crossing in the past you’ll remember it was a four-course dinner with predecided meals. Now, the Hyde Park Wine Shop offers a slim and specific menu of a la cart items. McCoy wanted to include a completely different menu than what was previously at Camel’s Crossing which is why he’s worked with Chef Gavin, to create a menu filled with more casual and shareable snack items.

Everything is made fresh in-house from curing the meat to specialty chocolate pudding. Chef Gavin takes a special interest in providing the most unique items in Hyde Park.

If you decide to purchase a bottle of wine off the rack and enjoy it at the Hyde Park Wine Shop it’s a $5 corkage fee. Otherwise, specific glasses of wine are offered for $6.

The Hyde Park Wine Shop is open daily from 11AM - 9PM.

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