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7 Pho-Nomenal Phở Restaurants in Boise

Phở (fuh) is a traditional Vietnamese dish consisting of a well seasoned-broth (typically beef based), rice noodles, herbs, and topped with protein. Over the years, phở has become widely popular in Idaho. At Totally Boise, we appreciate a hot, steamy bowl of phở especially as the cooler days are quickly approaching. There’s nothing like a warm bowl of soup to bring you comfort and joy to the day. Here’s a list of where you can grab pho-nomenal phở in Boise.

Phở Nouveau

Phở Nouveau has been curating some of Treasure Valley’s best pho for 10 years. Located in the heart of downtown Boise, Phở Nouveau dishes up pho and other exceptional Vietnamese cuisines.

*Vegetarian Friendly | 780 W Idaho St.


Phở Bac

On the corner of Goddard and Glenwood, Phở Bac is one of the vietnamese restaurants, we highly recommend trying. The broth used for phở is seasoned to perfection. Along with phở, the appetizers –– such as the crab rangoon are delicious.

7700 W Goddard Rd.

Pho Bac Pho Vietnamese Restaurant Totally Boise Idaho

208 Phở

208 Phở is not only delicious but they have tons of vegetarian options, including vegetable broth based phở with fresh vegetables and tofu. Before dining on their delicious options, try a fresh spring roll, they are delicious.

*Vegetarian Friendly | 808 W Fort St.

Phở Tay

While many pho places in the Treasure Valley only have one size (and for good reason), Phở Tay has not one–– not two–– but three sizes of phở to choose from. On top of the delicious phở, the egg roll appetizer is quite tasty.

10548 W Fairview Ave.

Pho Tay Pho Vietnamese Restaurant Totally Boise Idaho
Pho Tay Pho Vietnamese Restaurant Totally Boise Idaho
Pho Tay Pho Vietnamese Restaurant Totally Boise Idaho

Phở Nguyen

Fresh ingredients are key to a good bowl of pho. At Phở Nguyen, they use fresh ingredients, making their phở packed with fresh flavors in every bite. If you need it to-go, they provide quick and easy take out.

7310 W State St.

Pho Nguyen Pho Vietnamese Restaurant Totally Boise Idaho

Dong Khanh

Located near BSU, Dong Khanh dishes up their meals fast and has great customer service. While their phở isn’t vegetarian, Dong Khanh has tons of menu options featuring vegetarian platters. They also serve Chinese fare if not every member of the family is up for phở.

*Vegetarian Friendly | 2137 Broadway Ave.

Phở Le

Also close to Boise State University and with a large, contemporary seating space, Phở Le has vegetarian based broth pho and kids sizes! Their website is also informative on what garnishes you may want to add to your phở. Phở Le also offers multiple sizes to choose from.

*Vegetarian Friendly | 2146 Broadway Ave.


The best thing about phở, is that it consists of simple ingredients that make the best flavors when put together. A great meal if you are feeling under the weather, phở is a healthy option filled with sodium and spices that can help clear up your sinuses and colds. You can add spices, zest, and more to customize it to your liking. It also tends to be a meal that you will never leave feeling hungry after eating. As we enter fall and winter, phở is the perfect meal.

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