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Incredible Recipes to Make This Fall Using Local Idaho Dairy; Perfect For Any Tailgate or Holiday Party

Living in an agricultural state like Idaho makes it easy to know where your food comes from and pack in good nutrition through these home-grown foods. Dairy is no different, and the Treasure Valley is surrounded by dairy farms.

Did you know that most dairy comes from local farms, meaning milk can make it from the farm to your fridge within 48 hours? Now that's fresh!

Unbottled represents dairy farmers in Idaho and Utah, transforming the industry by connecting those farmers directly to consumers like you.

You'll love knowing that your dairy comes from the farm down the road: no mysterious chemicals or ingredients, and you'll be supporting local!

Local also means cost-effective as most farm and grocery stores will not be required to spend as much on shipping. With inflation making prices soar, local dairy is good for you AND your wallet.

Tailgating and BBQ Season Recipes That Are a Touchdown

Come fall, it's back to school and back to sports! Whether it's your child's local football game or just a backyard BBQ to welcome the cool, crisp air, these recipes featuring local dairy are perfect crowd-pleasers.

Not only are these recipes cost-effective and utilize local products, but they're also super quick and easy to make! Don't show up empty-handed to your next gathering with family and friends- try these easy, delicious recipes from Unbottled!

Dill Pickle Dip

Photo Credit: Unbottled

Delicious Dill Pickle Dip
BBQ Pulled Pork Flatbread

Photo Credit: Unbottled

BBQ Pulled Pork Flatbread
Speedy Chicken Street Tacos

Photo Credit: Unbottled

Speedy Chicken Street Tacos

Meet The Nederends, a Local Idaho Dairy Farming Family Behind Your Favorite Dairy Treats

The Nederend family dairy near Marsing, Idaho, is run by brothers John and Hans Nederend, third-generation dairy farmers.

Living by their grandfather, Hans Nederland Sr.'s, motto to "take good care of your cows and they will take care of you," John and Hans utilize every member of their large family to run the two dairies that make up the Nederend enterprise. Both have four children who help work the dairy in the early mornings and late afternoons when not in school.

A picture of a family standing at a farm

Photo Credit: Unbottled

In 1999, John and Hans's father, Hans Nederend Jr., moved the family and its dairy operation from California to the current Marsing location, where the brothers have run day-to-day operations since 2008.

Their milk quality is in the top 1% of industry standards, which they've achieved by "pampering" their cows at what they call "an all-inclusive resort for cows." These cows spend their time on white desert blow sand cleaned twice daily and have access to a full-time veterinarian and nutritionist.

You can visit the Nederend dairy and family and meet the cows for yourself!

They welcome guests and groups of all sizes to come tour their Marsing farm; just email John ahead of time. Contact the farm at this email, nederendfarms@gmail.com

Holiday Recipes You and Your Wallet Will Be Thankful For

The holidays can be hectic, but your kitchen doesn't have to be! Thanks to great recipes from Unbottled, you'll have some quick and easy recipes in your back pocket.

These dairy-forward recipes (including taco chili by one of Unbottled's staff members that won the company cook-off with it!) won't break your budget, and you'll even have leftovers to get you through those days post-holiday. Spend more time with your loved ones this holiday season and less time in the kitchen, all while supporting local dairy farms.

Taco Chili

Photo Credit: Unbottled

Taco Chili
Roasted Pumpkin Risotto

Photo Credit: Unbottled

Roasted Pumpkin Risotto
Sour Cream Apple Pie Squares

Photo Credit: Unbottled

Sour Cream Apple Pie Squares

Unbottle Dairy Greatness This Season

Unbottled is on a mission to fuel the Treasure Valley with the best products so you can stay healthy and active. Their website features several more recipes for any time of year, and one of our favorite programs, the Unbottled Matchmaker.

We break out this nifty tool anytime we need to make a charcuterie board, however simple or extravagant you need it to be, or just need a good cheese recommendation for a bottle of wine. Keep learning about local dairy at these channels.

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