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4 Boise Bars That Craft With Intention

Now some of you may be a little upset with us spilling the beans about some of these quaint bars in Boise, but we believe they are too good to be missed. Boise has a rich service industry community that takes pride in its craft - elevating our food and beverage industry beyond the typical. From well-known cocktail lounges to borderline speakeasies, Boise is your destination for premier drinking experiences. Here are some of Totally Boise’s top spots you need to check out:

Press & Pony

Many of you knew Press & Pony when the front doors were open. Now, even though the front entrance of Press & Pony has been locked since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, you can still enjoy the speakeasy through the back entrance. If you enter the beloved basement ramen bar, Devil’s Den, you might just be cool enough to get access to the 1st floor, where windowless Press & Pony still resides, but only if there is still room.

This bar is not your average stop - it is an experience that is unique from the minute you walk in. Purposefully off the beaten path, Press & Pony is meant to be an elevated drinking experience, tailored specifically to your likings. Here, you are not customers, you are guests. The intimate setting is perfect for small gatherings and date nights. With years under their belts, the bartenders take the time to craft drinks to your individual pallet - never disappointing their guests in quality or presentation.



Address: 622 W Idaho St.

Phone: (208) 204-4167

Press & Pony Craft Drinks in Boise | Totally Boise Image Credit: Press & Pony
Press & Pony Craft Drinks in Boise | Totally Boise Image Credit: Press & Pony

Suite 104

Suite 104 is the newest addition to the well-loved restaurants and bars along 8th Street in downtown Boise. But, despite the convenient location in the basement of 280 N 8th St, it is a place not so obvious to the average downtown goer. Suite 104 is a destination bar for those of you wanting a modern and top-tier cocktail experience.

Caleb Deno, the sole mixologist of Suite 104, has been creating craft cocktails for over 5 years. As an expert in the field, he knows he can only use the freshest and most high-quality ingredients for his handmade cocktails and in ALL aspects of their drinks. If you are not an expert in cocktails, you can order a Method 104, where Caleb will design a drink specifically for your liking. Paired with their unique drinking menu is a limited food menu from their neighbors at Wild Root and Saint Lawrence Gridiron.

Address: 280 N 8th St., Suite 104

Suite 104 Craft Drinks in Boise | Totally Boise
Suite 104 Craft Drinks in Boise | Totally Boise

Atlas Bar

Motorcycles, leather, and top-level cocktails - Atlas Bar is a mixture of neotraditional style and new-old-school culture. This hole-in-the-wall bar has a classic dark ambiance that is a reflection of their selective drink menu and signature cocktails. The clean, dark wood structures within the masculine bar set a mood for an intimate night out. It is also conveniently located just off the busy strip of Main Street on the 11th, giving you just enough space from the action to enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle.

Address: 108 S 11th St.

Phone: (208) 385-0189

Atlas Bar Craft Drinks in Boise | Totally Boise Image Credit: Atlas Bar
Atlas Bar Craft Drinks in Boise | Totally Boise Image Credit: Atlas Bar


Located on the corner of 9th & Main, down the steps, and surrounded by a grassy knoll on the East-side lies the experimental restaurant with the well-loved Idaho crew. With much of its leading staff hailing from the kitchens of the once State & Lemp restaurant, Kin is working on creating a dining and drinking experience unlike anything else in Boise. Their cocktail menu is one of constant adaptation with creative options like the LGBTQ with Leblon, grapefruit, bitters, tequila, and queen energy. They come served in elegantly thrifted goblets and glasses. The drinks might be fancy, but their bar is open to all with small food pairings or a prix fixe menu available.

Website: https://www.kinboise.com/

Address: 999 W Main St.

Phone: (208) 342-0600

KIN Craft Drinks in Boise | Totally Boise Image Credit: KIN
KIN Craft Drinks in Boise | Totally Boise Image Credit: KIN

Have a favorite cocktail spot in The Treasure Valley? Use #Totallyboise to share your favorite go-to cocktail lounge and your favorite drinks with us — cheers!

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