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Celebrate National IPA Day at Local Boise Breweries

Nothing makes me hoppier than a nice cold IPA. Boise is home to an abundance of craft breweries who spoil us with delicious beers, including IPA's. Short for India Pale Ale, the delicious craft beer is known for it's hop forward notes and a tendency to be on the stronger side. We asked the Treasure Valley what some of their favorite IPA's were to indulge in — here are some of the favorites!

Boise Craft Beer IPA's:

Barbarian Brewing

  • Space Wolf | ABV: 6% | IBU: 30
  • Dank Juice | ABV: 8.5% | IBU: 50

Boise Brewing

  • Hip Check IPA | ABV: 7.6

Lost Grove Brewing

  • First Sight IPA | ABV 6.5%
  • Crumblin' Erb IPA | 6.5%

Mad Swede Brewing Company

  • Sunstone Hazy IPA | ABV 6.3 | IBU: 65
  • Longship IPA ABV 6.6% | IBU 60

Mother Earth Brew Co.

  • Hop Diggity Double IPA | ABV: 8.2 | IBU: 100+
  • Mother Earth Boo Koo IPA | ABV: 6.5 | IBU: 65

Sockeye Brewing

  • Dagger Falls IPA | ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 100

Western Collective

  • Dickshooter IPA | ABV: 7.1% | IBU: 70
  • Hazy Series Vol 8 | ABV: 8.4 | IBU: 35

What does ABV and IBU mean?

If you are just getting into the craft beer scene, a few important things to know are terms ABV and IBU. Alcohol by Volume (ABV) is the percentage of alcohol in your beer. International bitter units are based on the amount of hops in your beer. Typically the higher the IBU, the hoppier the beer.

Growing in popularity over the last decade, the craft beer industry in Boise has boomed. In just 10 years, Idaho went from 20 craft brewers to over 80 craft breweries, talk about a state filled with beer drinkers! While the weather is seemingly cooling down, hop on over to your favorite brewery, pub, or local restaurant to enjoy a delicious IPA.

Idaho has over 80 craft breweries. Check out the others here:

Treasure Valley's Must-Visit Breweries

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