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Navigating the Boise Foothills: Boise’s Local Stomping Grounds

Lets Take a Journey to the Boise Foothills. Shall We?

Fall in Boise is a beautiful experience. The crisp temperatures and colorful leaves are impossible to ignore throughout town. Boise’s locals know summer typically entails unbearable heatwaves. This is one of the many reasons why Fall is the perfect season to get your legs, heart and spirits racing. My favorite local spot is hidden in the Bogus Foothills.

There are plenty of different trails within a 10-35 minute drive from downtown Boise. These trails can be used for many activities including: hiking, biking and horseback riding. Many Boise dwellers ask, “But Totally Boise, how do I get there?” Luckily Ridge to Rivers provides detailed directions to access the different trails.

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The 12 Mile Trailhead in the Boise Foothills

I have been running for years and enjoy scenic trails with elevation variation. My favorite trailhead is located about 30 minutes up N. Basin Road. The 12 Mile Trailhead provides a gravel pullout with limited parking. Here you may access the trailhead for the Headwaters of Dry Creek trails. The trailhead also has a detailed map of the different loops so you do not get lost. Seriously though...It can be easy to get lost if it is your first time up here. I would recommend taking a picture so you can take in the views without walking off the beaten path.

This quiet trail is surrounded by trees and scenic viewing points. There are a few different loops you can choose from taking depending on how long of a hike you want (3-8 mile loops). Some of the longer trail loops have more overgrowth and stream runoff but can still easily be hiked on.


Hiking Essentials in the Boise Foothills

Since the trail can be uneven I recommend using shoes that provide good support and stability. It is easy to roll an ankle if you are not paying close attention. I learned this from a tough personal experience on this trail. I recently made the switch from Nike’s to Brooks running shoes with some help from Idaho Running Company. They fit me to a running shoe according to my activity level and balance distribution. It was a real game changer. I was shocked I had not made the switch earlier. All this time I could have been running on clouds.

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