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Elite Group Home Inspections Offers Simple Pricing For Exceptional Services

Elite Group Home Inspections is the Treasure Valley's top home, radon, and sewer camera inspection company, and for a good reason. Established in 1984 as a family-run company, Elite Group Home Inspections has grown into the USA's largest privately-owned inspection company. Yes, you read that correctly! With a team that has performed over half a million inspections nationwide, people know they can be trusted.

When To Get A Home Inspection

Whether you are purchasing a pre-owned home or a new build, you can save any unnecessary hassles and feel more confident obtaining insight from a home inspection before signing on the dotted line.

Other valuable instances to seek a home inspection include:

Biennial maintenance: Most people never even look in their crawlspace or attic. Having your home reevaluated every two years keeps homeowners aware of how their home is aging and can help catch potential issues before they become expensive disasters.

Before selling a home: The last thing you want to run into when selling your home is an unexpected mold or foundation issue. It can prolong or even hinder a sale.

Quality Home Inspections With Quick Turnaround

Treating clients' homes as if they were their own, Elite Certified Master Inspectors are trained to check over 1,800 items. Once inspections are complete, Elite makes a digital photographic report for clients within 24 hours — keeping everything simple and easy to understand.

Main home inspection items include:

  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Electrical
  • Roof
  • Foundation
  • AC/Heater

Competitively Priced Home Inspections without Sacrifice of Quality

Among the many appealing factors of Elite Inspections is their transparent pricing. While many competitors will charge for an inspection based on the home's age, square footage, and house price, Elite Inspections only charges based on square footage. Not only does their straightforward pricing allow Elite Inspections to focus on what matters (your home inspection), but it lessens the stress on clients.

Inspection Warranties That Offer Peace of Mind

Idaho is unregulated in regards to requiring certification and insurance among home inspection agencies. An estimated 50% of home inspectors are certified and insured within states that don't have regulations, such as Idaho.

Elite Inspections is certified and insured, providing the client's confidence in getting an inspection done the first time correctly. They offer additional peace of mind with various warranties.

  • 90-Day Warranty
  • 5-Year Roof Protection Plan
  • SewerGard Sewer Line Guarantee
  • MoldSafe Guarantee
  • 12-Month Structural Guarantee

#1 Trusted Home Inspection Company in the Treasure Valley

Elite Home Inspections truly cares about its clients, which is why they go the extra mile to ensure your home is protected from the time they start to after they leave. The biggest tip Elite Home Inspections gives to clients is to ensure they are working with quality real estate agents who can help secure a quality home inspection.

Contact Elite Inspections for top quality home inspections today:

Call: 208-494-8000



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