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Boise State Student Will Compete in the Red Bull Paper Wings 2019 World Finals

For the fifth year, Red Bull hosted its world-famous paper airplane competition. The competition includes 405 universities from 64 countries. College students from across the nation all had the chance to submit a video that would include their best paper airplane doing tricks. All of the videos would be judged based on distance, airtime, and aerobatics.

Robby Davis, a student of Boise State University

Robby Davis, a Mechanical Engineering Student at Boise State, gave it a shot and was voted 2nd in the entire nation. On May 15th, Davis will fly to Austria to compete at Hangar 7 in the Redbull Paper Wings 2019 Finals.

Davis is a mechanical engineer student at Boise State,and The winner of the competition will receive a Redbull Air Race Weekend Experience, all expenses paid, full of VIP experiences. Be sure to check out and support your fellow Boisian in the finals.

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