Mar 10, 2020

No Phones While Driving, Boise.

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Do you use your phone while driving? You should think twice about that now. Boise City Council just restricted using phones while driving except if it’s “hands-free” to keep all of us safe. As of Tuesday, the City Council had their third meeting reading the ordinance which means it is officially a city code. Along with Meridian who passed this ordinance in October, if you are using your phones it’ll start to cost you. This law means you are banned from using your hand held phone while operating your vehicle even when stopped at a red light. If you want to make a call you will need to start pulling over or using your Bluetooth or speakerphones.

How much will the tickets be?

Boise, Idaho Texting and Driving Laws

Tickets will start costing you $90 plus court costs. Boise Police announced this is a city code, but they will not start handing out tickets until July 1st, 2020.Until then they will pull you over for an “educational stop” to inform drivers of the new law. Time to start practicing safe driving, cutting out all use of your phone!

Boise wants to keep everyone safe!

The City Council President wants to keep public safety intact around town which is why the law was passed, they are hoping to reduce distractions while driving which will lead to less road rage and car accidents. According to the National Safety Council, texting and using phones while driving has led to 1.6 million crashes each year. It’s not worth it. Let’s stick together and keep you and our neighbors safe by following these new rules!

Illegal to Text & Drive in Boise

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