If you’re a poké lover, we’re sure you’ve been to Paddles Up Poké. For five years, they’ve taken over the Treasure Valley as the leader in delivering only the tastiest poké bowls, sushi burritos, and poké nachos.

Paddles Up Poké continues to be a powerful advocate for serving only the finest ingredients. All their seafood is delivered and hand-cut daily and their fresh produce is locally sourced from Idaho farmers. With an appreciation for serving the best quality foods, they even fly in 2,000 lbs of soy sauce straight from Hawaii! From providing tasty food to fuel your body to a knowledgeable team of friendly fish lovers, each Paddles Up Poké location holds high standards for service.

Celebrating five years in the Treasure Valley, Paddles Up Poké can be found in soon-to-be 5 locations, including the honor of being on Boise State University’s campus.


Garden Center | Landscape | Maintenance

Looking to give your garden or home some muchneeded love this Fall? You can find it all and more at Franz Witte Garden Center.

Franz Witte has been serving the community for 50 years. They can be found at two locations, in McCall and now at their newest location in Nampa at the historical Naugle Hereford Ranch.

Their new Nampa location on 11th Ave N and Chinden is open year-round and will offer unique shopping opportunities and a fun destination spot to visit.

Their staff are passionate and knowledgeable locals who ultimately aim to give you the most credible information on their products and services.


Boise OG

A light-hearted and sometimes sarcastic company that highlights and celebrates Boise’s unique lifestyle and history. This brother-sister duo and owners of Boise OG created a brand that features humorous aspects of Boise’s culture and history with unique wearable swag. Boise OG brings life memories and unofficial monuments that many residents may have forgotten with unique art on hats, stickers, shirts, and more! All art is created by the brother of the duo, legendary Kelly Knopp.

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Josh Cormier

Weichert, Realtors® - Property Hunters in Idaho have made it their initiative to create a team of enthusiastic, personable, and self-driven individuals who love the Treasure Valley and are passionate about helping others find a home. Helping lead you through a six-stage career development course of hands-on training and marketing assistance at Weichert, Realtors, you’ll be prepared to market yourself confidently in your skills as a Treasure Valley realtor. Meet the owner, Josh Cormier, and learn about Weichert, Realtors®-Property Hunters.

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Scenic Fall Drives
Around Boise

Limelight Hotel

Nestled in the valley of Ketchum stands the ultimate getaway, outfitted to let you unwind in style and have access to all the fantastic outdoor amenities around it. The Limelight Hotel provides guests with chic and affordable centrally located rooms. In this hotel, you will find their inhouse restaurant and bar, live music, gear rentals, and even Audi Q7 or e-Tron car rentals. The whole family, including the fur-babies, can come to join the relaxation happening at Limelight Hotel in Ketchum.

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Crown Gems Jewelery

New to downtown Boise, Crown Gems Jewelry is your new go-to store for high-quality jewelry. Creating lasting relationships with clients, owners, Brian Height and Ben Moore’s top priority is providing or creating the highest quality jewelry within your budget. Both partners have extensive backgrounds within the jewelry industry and designed their storefront to be an intimate space that allows for a one-on-one experience. With a focus on quality, Crown Gems Jewelry provides pieces that hold their value throughout the years.

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Duck Donuts

Located in Meridian, Duck Donuts dishes up made-to-order donuts. Inspired by the memories of family trips to the donut shop, Duck Donuts atmosphere and mouthwatering donuts are made for sharing with family and friends. With over 30 variations, Duck Donuts creates seasonal donuts and allows guests to create their own personalized donut concoctions. In addition to whipping up delicious donuts, Duck Donuts works within the local community to assist children going through chemotherapy. Read more about their initiative with St. Luke’s Oncology & where to snag these life-changing donuts.

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Mad Swede Brewing

Focused on creating quality beers with names based on nonsense and dad jokes, Mad Swede Brewing in Boise has over 30 years of brewing experience. Opening its second location in 2020, both Mad Swede Brewing locations are home to award-winning craft beer, live entertainment, and annual mustattend events. A family-owned and operated business, Mad Swede opened its doors with open arms to Totally Boise for a behind-thescenes tour where we got to see firsthand what it takes to create delicious craft beer.

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Elevated Hydration

Elevated Hydration in Boise is dedicated to encouraging aid for your body against cold and flu season. They’ve developed a comfortable drip lounge where IV therapy sessions help your body’s natural immune system fight off harmful viruses that can linger once the weather starts to cool down. Their friendly staff of registered nurses are pros at comfortably boosting your immune system and educating you about the best ways to keep your body at its healthiest. Find out how to keep your immune system healthy this cold and flu season.

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Ada West Dermatology

Many clinics give great care, but few of them have as many highly trained providers as Ada West Dermatology—so patients get to the bottom of their skin issues faster and more efficiently as each provider is able to collaboratively lean on the experience of their peers for diagnosis and treatment. Home to Idaho’s only Pediatric Dermatologist and two Mohs surgeons, Ada West Dermatology covers everything from traditional skin, hair and nail concerns to cosmetic procedures like Botox and lasers.

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Independent Doctors of Idaho

Independent Doctors of Idaho Declaration of Independents

“We believe that patients should enjoy a high degree of control of their own medical care, including selecting their physicians and their medical facilities. We believe patients should have choices in treatment decisions shaped by information, independent of potentially conflicting interests. We believe that patients should have knowledge of the most affordable and efficient options, as health care costs are often hidden or confusing. We believe that informed patients are optimally positioned to make intelligent choices. We, the independent physicians of Idaho, declare that our commitments are to our patients and their personal care. Keeping our patients healthy and living independently are our goals. We work for you.”

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The Outdoors

Bogus Basin

Located just 16.5 miles outside of North Boise, Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is the second largest mountain in Idaho and a hotspot for locals.

A non-profit for over 77 years, winter at Bogus Basin gets an estimated 200-250 inches of natural snow, but did you know they also generate their own snow? Making their slopes even more shreddable, snowmaking ensures that a portion of the 2,600 acres for day skiing remains open regardless of natural snowfall. Winter is right around the corner, and what better way to shred into it than at Bogus Basin.

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Play It Again Sports

Play It Again Sports, located in Boise and Nampa, is the Treasure Valley’s premier resource for getting all the snow gear you need without contemplating selling an arm or a leg. Their retail locations take in new or gently used gear from other Idahoans and resell them at an affordable price to you. They also stock new, never-been-used gear. As the season turns and the snow begins to fall, don’t miss out on these huge savings!

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Wild Experience Gear

With the cooler, crisp autumn air and beautiful fall colors, many campers believe autumn is the best time to experience Idaho’s national forests. Idaho’s natural and rugged terrain has unmatched beauty, but it can be quite unforgiving without preparation. As the leading safety expert for camping, hunting, and outdoor excursions, the Wild Experience Gear team has explored its fair share of national forests. Check out the four best camping spots according to Wild Experience Gear here!

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Fall Is
For Lovers

Lemon Tree

Located in downtown Boise, Lemon Tree Co. quickly became a popular lunch spot. Whether you are glutenfree, vegan, vegetarian, or a meat lover, Lemon Tree Co. exceeds expectations. The best part of Lemon Tree Co. is that all their innovative recipes are created in-house, down to the sauces, jams, and dressings. With the inspiration of making quality cuisine tasty for everyone, Lemon Tree Co.’s sandwiches are too delicious to not eat on a regular basis.

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Voice Box

Voicebox Karaoke is bringing a singing adventure, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in Boise. With their private, fully equipped rooms, full bar, and over 70,000 songs to choose from, Voicebox is your next must-try downtown Boise spot for entertainment. This COVID-friendly space can welcome parties ranging from 8 to 25 people per room. While in one of their eight rooms, you control the music, lights, and room service straight from your phone. Stop by anytime or book your private suite!

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Game Day

Tyler Horn Real Estate

Football season is back, and we’re thrilled! As game days are in full swing, we wanted to ensure you are well prepared to have the absolute best Bronco game day. With the help of former Boise State Broncos, Defensive End turned well-respected local Realtor Tyler Horn; we’re sharing tips for the ultimate game day experience. So be sure to buy your tickets early, dress warm, and cheer on your favorite Blue and Orange team with the spirit they’ve been missing!

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Allied Business Solutions

Looking for a trusted business to help elevate your office? Allied provides business solutions for organizations while supporting the local community.

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Saturday's, October-November | Capital City Public Market

Saturday, October 16th | Boise Brewing Hoptober FRESHtival

Saturday, October 16th | BSU vs Air Force

October 22nd-24th & October 29th-31st Mad Swede Brewing Helhest Helfest

Saturday, October 23rd | Dia De Los Muertos Community Day at Idaho State Museum

Saturday, October 30th | Squawky & Spirits at the Old Idaho Penitentiary

Tuesday, November 9th | BSU Men's Basketball Season Home Opener

Saturday, November 13th | Rake Up Boise

Thursday, November 18th | Annual Tree Lighting & Santa Arrival at Village at Meridian

Saturday, November 20th | Boise Holiday Parade

Thursday, November 25th | Boise & Caldwell Turkey Day 5k

Saturday, November 27th | Ballet Idaho Nutcracker

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Must See Fall Events

At The

Idaho Dentistry for Children

Our impression of going to the dentist is formed at a young age. The team at Dentistry for Children is passionate about making sure those formative years are filled with positive visits that leave your child looking forward to their next appointment. Exclusively specializing in dental work for children ages six months to their 18th birthday, the team at Dentistry for Children really gets to know your child, their interests, and unique dental health needs. Experience the kid-friendly office at either their Boise or Meridian locations.

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OsteoStrong is passionate about educating Idahoans on how essential proper bone health is. Bones are the infrastructure to our bodies, and their care can sometimes be overlooked, leading to more significant issues. With a variety of modalities and trained experts, you can increase your musculoskeletal strength and stamina. Their members include adults over 50, professional athletes, and anyone looking to feel their best. Achieving higher bone density naturally without pharmaceuticals takes less than 15 minutes a week at OsteoStrong in Boise!

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Boise’s best kept secret is out, Melt Organic plant-based butter offers butter with benefits.

Offered in 7,500 stores across the U.S., Canada, and growing, Melt Organic products deliver non-dairy butter rich in texture and taste, made with certified organic, clean and sustainable ingredients. Founded by Cygnia Rapp in 2009, Melt Organic is currently led by CEO Scott Fischer and a dedicated team of employees based in Boise, whose primary mission is to inspire to strive for better, starting with what’s on your plate. Through plant-based products that aren’t just delicious, but also better for you, your food, and the planet.

What makes Melt Organic good for you?

Melt Organic ensures its products are made with clean ingredients, free from cholesterol, common allergens — gluten, soy, dairy, and nuts. Also free from preservatives and artificial colors and flavors, Melt uses a blend of cold-pressed coconut, flaxseed, palm fruit, canola, and hi-oleic sunflower oil to create a rich and may we add delicious butter.

Who should try Melt Organic?

The best part of Melt Organic, their products were created for everyone. From consumers with high dietary restrictions to consumers who are looking to add healthy fats to their diet or just something new, Melt Organic Butter has a taste that can satisfy all taste buds.

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Rodriguez Bakery

These Abuela-approved tortillas have been a Treasure Valley staple since 2009. First opened in 1955 making fresh pan dulce by Francisco “Pancho” J. Rodriguez Sr., Rodriguez Bakery is now coming into its third generation of family operation. With recipes that are authentic, homemade, and never mass-produced, the quality of their pan dulce and tortillas is unbeatable. Their products have fewer preservatives than are found in factory-produced products and each is handcrafted. You can find yours at a local Winco, Fred Meyer, Albertsons, Walmart, Ridley’s, or other local grocers.

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Van Lith Ranch

Van Lith Ranch is one of the Treasure Valley’s most trusted sources for sustainable beef. This family operated ranch has been raising grass-fed beef along the banks of the Payette since 1964, but recently announced something exciting! You may have seen Van Lith at various farmers markets, or maybe you’re a faithful patron of their specialty meat subscription boxes. And, now, Van Lith Ranch is celebrating its plans for a new brick-andmortar, boutique-style beef store!

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Picture this: you’re standing in the grocery store, looking at the bottle of wine in your hand and wondering which cheese would pair nicely with it.

You’ve got an occasion coming up - a date, dinner party, or night of self-care - and the pressure to make the right decision is throwing your mind into a stalemate. We’ve all been there, and the team at Unbottled knows the struggle. Formed by a collection of local Idaho and Utah dairies, Dairy West, knew there had to be a solution to the constant question of "what cheese pairs nicely with this wine?”

Not only will their extensive software help you discover what cheese compliments a nice wine, but a cheese from a local dairy farmer. Head to to take their Matchmaker quiz.

Once you select the cheese or wine you know you would like to consume, like a red Cabernet Sauvignon, the Matchmaker will give you a brief description of the wine and tell you what type of cheese it's known to pair well with. The same technology applies if you choose a cheese first or are looking for a pairing with beer or cider as well.

You can trust each result with the knowledge that there is an expert team of food scientists behind every answer. The results are tried and tested and aim to connect you with talented artisanal cheese makers from around the area.

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Through Idaho

Soldier Mountain

Two hours from Boise sits Soldier Mountain. If you’ve ever wanted to know the thrill of being driven into the backcountry, this recreational haven has year-round attractions like 1,150 acres of skiing and snowboarding, 2,000 acres of Cat skiing, and a Magic Carpet in the winter. Soldier Mountain also has mountain biking trails, a disc golf course in the summer, and two lifts that give you 1425’ of vertical! Soldier Mountain is open to all levels of experience and those who seek thrills.

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CHOW Public Market

This isn’t your 1990’s food court; it’s so much more. CHOW Public Market & Eatery is Boise’s first co-op space where Idahoans can connect with local food, drink, and retail vendors while enjoying a fun and inviting hang-out space. There’s something for everyone. Come to CHOW for quality family time, date night before you head to a movie, or reserve the entire space for your private event. Idaho’s only public market also brings the community together with frequent events from Paint n’ Sip and local live music performances.

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If you are a parent looking for an after-school program for your child, look no further! Located in Southeast Boise, iCode Boise allows students to explore computer science technology in a fun and creative environment. While students have a blast exploring the ins and outs of programming, robotics, drones, and 3D printing, parents can rest easy knowing their kids are growing and learning outside of the typical classroom.

The STEAM programs that iCode offers are based on a belt status system that allows kids to achieve continued growth in the program. A significant bonus for parents, iCode Boise is educational and mentally stimulating for kids but appeals to parents with flexible workshop times to choose from.

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Abundant Life Surgery

As the unofficial yet leading surrogacy capital of the United States, Idaho is bringing the miracle of parenthood to many across the globe. The team at Abundant Life is passionate about connecting loving families with equally devoted surrogates. CEO Amber Valdez shared with us the five most common questions or myths that clients ask during consultations. Referred to as “surro-myths,” we’ve got the answers to the reality of either being a surrogate or seeking out surrogacy as a parent. Together, they are hoping to educate potential carriers and families on just how accessible surrogacy is.

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Organize Simply

Organizing your home or business can be one of the most time-consuming and stressful tasks. New to the Boise area, Organize Simply provides one simple solution — creating order and solutions that can transform your space and your life. Building a clean space and system that elevates functionally, Founder Lindsay Smith prides herself on going beyond organizing. Scan to see how Organize Simply transformed the Totally Boise office and how you can get a free consultation and 20% off services!

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Self Care

A New Vintage Wine

A New Vintage Wine Shop is the Treasure Valley’s most knowledgeable, friendly, and well-stocked independent wine shop. Discover new, local, regional, and international wines.

The Vervain Collective

The Vervain Collective in Garden City is the Treasure Valley’s comprehensive and full-service apothecary. Find them inside Roots Zero Waste Market on Chinden!

Salt Sanctuary

Taking time for self-care is important. Salt Sanctuary offers transformative private sessions in the glow of their healing Himalayan salt. Book your halotherapy today!

Reed's Dairy

Reed’s Dairy offers a variety of farm-fresh milk and dairy products throughout Southern Idaho. Stop by their locations on Chinden, Lake Hazel, and Meridian Roads.


Totally Boise is passionate about boosting the small, local, and hard-working businesses in the Treasure Valley. After 8 years of successfully doing just that, we’ve grown our community into more than 1.29M+ impressions per month.

We’ve become one of the leading lifestyle, business, and events resources in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and surrounding areas. For the fall season, we’ve gathered two Idaho-owned local businesses who are showing us just how SWEET life can be. It is our extreme delight to showcase this season The STIL and Ash + Jack Supply Co.

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Voted Boise’s Best Dessert for the last four years, The STIL’s award-winning ice cream is sure to satisfy the whole family. You can stop in for a sweet treat at one of their three locations or find them at your local grocer!

Ash + Jack Supply Co.

Owners, Ashley and Jackie Schultz-Barkley of Rocky Mountain Balloons in downtown Meridian have announced their expansion to offer women made products in their curated gift shop — Ash + Jack Supply Co. Centered towards empowerment and equality, guests can find their decor and gift needs in one space. Ashley and Jackie’s line of goods embody who they are as a couple, and hope their gifts resonate with the Treasure Valley — making the season of giving much more memorable and special.

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