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You Name It, She'll Bake It! Oh Fudge Bakery

Last updated July 11, 2018 by Totally Boise

You name it, she’ll bake it! Totally Boise would like to welcome Oh Fudge Bakery to the Boise community, and for good reason. Courtney McKeown, native of Kerrville, Texas, brought her delicious fudge to Boise, and can’t wait for you to give it a try!

Caramel, Peanput, and Chocolate cookies and fudge by Oh Fudge Bakery

Image Credit: Courtney McKeown

Oh Fudge Bakery started in February of 2017, in her one bedroom apartment, working to recreate her grandma Helene Grimley’s peanut butter and chocolate fudge recipe. When success hit, she sent it to friends and family for Valentine’s. She then realized she had made way more than needed, so her husband, Adam Shumate, decided to post the fudge on Facebook Market. “Who doesn’t love chocolate?” He said. And he wasn’t wrong! McKeown woke up to many notifications from chocolate-lovers in all of the Texas hill country. When receiving requests for other flavors, she wasn’t going to back down. “If you’re willing to taste it, I’d be happy to try and make it,” she often said. From then, Oh Fudge Bakery was born.

Courtney McKeown making custom fudge

Image Credit: Courtney McKeown

A need of new scenery and adventure sparked their move from Texas to Boise. Although missing friends and family back home, making them proud is her number one goal. She believes rebuilding her brand with pure intentions, with making fudge lovers and her community happy, everything will work out just right. We couldn’t agree more!

From making over 100 flavors of fudge, it is hard to say which one is her favorite. For McKeown, creating a surprise is her favorite! She enjoys creating fudge that is her customers’ favorite candy bar, pie, or dessert. She wants the customer to always be happy. Her favorite part of her job is finding ways to create happiness in individuals lives. She never thought making fudge would do that, but she has attained everything she wanted and has met amazing people from this career. She is truly grateful.

Custom Cookie Moster Fudge by Coutney McKeown

Image Credit: Courtney McKeown

Courtney McKeown is not only a baker of Fudge, is she is also a humanitarian. She created Caring for Kerrville, where she visited every door of businesses, asking for them to donate to her fund of raising money for three friends who suffered from illness or injuries. She then made several batches of fudge and held a 100% non-profit auction to raise money. With this, Caring for Kerrville raised over $1,000 and was distributed to the families. She recalls it feeling amazing to know that with the help of her wonderful community, happiness can be brought in hard times. With this, she hopes to bring charitable events to Boise as well. With the Lord by her side, Oh Fudge Bakery will always find ways to give back.

To help get Oh Fudge Bakery get started in Boise, McKeown and her husband created a Kickstarter campaign, that only has just over a week left! The campaign allows you to help fund their project and bring their dream to life. For now, she would like to use the funds to open a kiosk in the Boise Towne Square mall. In 10 years, McKeown wishes to have an Oh Fudge Bakery storefront, and food truck to make sure they can participate in all Boise events. “That would be a dream.” McKeown said.

Courtney McKeown's home bakery filled with delicious treats

Image Credit: Courtney McKeown

Are you ready to try your favorite candy bar, pie, or dessert made into fudge? Click here or stop by and see her in the Boise Towne Square mall starting the first week of August!

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