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History of the Boise Greenbelt

Last updated June 14, 2018 by Rebecca King

Boasting 25 miles of leisurely interlinked pathways, the Boise Greenbelt is host to a wide variety of wildlife. The meandering pathway along the Boise River that we take for granted was not always there. In fact, the Boise River was a dumping place of everything from garbage to sewage to Industrial Waste. Not entirely a great river to have a picnic or to take a walk alongside.

But that has all changed.


Totally Boise looked into the history of the Greenbelt and we found out that the notion for the Boise Greenbelt was first conceived in in the mid-60s and started with two or three small parcels of land being donated to the city in an effort to work towards the plan of a greenbelt. The city of Boise slowly worked to acquire more land for the Boise Greenbelt project. Now, with all 25 miles of public access to the Boise River, the Boise Greenbelt has become a popular destination within Boise and one of the major “landmarks” that contributes to the vibrancy of the city.


We learned that the City of Boise Parks and Recreation maintains the trails that make up the Boise Greenbelt and that there is even a Scavenger Hunt for Boiseans and tourists alike to learn about the history of Boise dating back to the 1800s. Information, clues, and a map for the Scavenger Hunt can be found here at the city of boise website. The Scavenger Hunt is 10 miles long so we think it might be more suitable to those biking rather than walking, but it's totally up to you.


But a trek on the Boise Greenbelt doesn't have to be quite as formal as a Scavenger Hunt. We prefer accessing the Boise Greenbelt in the morning when it's quiet and the wildlife are in abundance, but however you choose to access the Boise Greenbelt, you are sure to enjoy it.





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