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A Personal Experience At One Of Boise's Top Dentists: Castlebury Dental

Last updated December 01, 2020 by Totally Boise

It’s said that over 60% of adults fear the dentist — I know I am definitely included in that statistic. As the Communication Specialist at Totally Boise, I value finding local businesses that prioritize their patients’ needs.

After learning about their professional and credible reputation, I decided to book an appointment with Castlebury Dental in Meridian for my bi-annual cleaning, and I am so happy I did. Castlebury Dental eased my fears by clearly explaining the process and assessing any dental concerns I had.

My First Dental Visit at Castlebury Dental

I don’t avoid the dentist, but I haven’t gone out of my way to make an appointment recently. After blaming the pandemic for avoiding the dentist, I decided it was time to make my appointment.

The staff at Castlebury Dental was so welcoming and accommodating that I quickly forgot how much I typically dread the dentist. The experience only improved from there. The patient chairs have massagers— and once I leaned back, they offered me wireless headphones and the remote to a t.v. on the ceiling — all these amenities, including Netflix, aided my ability to relax.

An Easy Dental Process

Their higher-end equipment made my annual cleaning so easy. One of the unique approaches Castlebury Dental takes with patients is asking how they like to be informed. As a visual learner, they pulled up my 3D scans to show my results, explaining my dental options. When Dr. Jacob Brown came in, we discussed my results and personal goals to improve my smile.

Cosmetic Options with Invisalign

Familiar with the process, I was conflicted about getting Invisalign to straighten a couple of teeth that had shifted due to my lack of wearing my retainer as a teenager. However, after talking to Dr. Brown and fellow peers (one other Totally Boise crew member is currently in Invisalign with Castlebury Dental, too), I decided to take the plunge!

Castlebury Dental not only makes the conversation about Invisalign easy, but the process is seamless and informative. They use advanced digital scanning technology to replace traditional impressions, allowing for a more accurate and comfortable scan.

I am currently waiting to receive my Invisalign aligner trays, but I am eager to start the journey to a straighter smile!

Castlebury Dental’s Investment in Continued Growth

Castlebury Dental isn’t just dedicated to their patients. They also serve the global communities on dental health missions and are exceptionally devoted to their staff. This year, they welcomed Dr. Ashley Sara to their team, increasing their ability to accept more patients at convenient appointment times while still providing high-quality care.

New Patient Offer: Through February, new patients can receive one comprehensive exam, full mouth series of x-rays, regular cleaning, and fluoride treatment for $79.

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