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6 Activities to Enjoy While in Quarantine

Last updated October 13, 2020 by Totally Boise

As a new COVID-19 spike hits the Treasure Valley, it has led many people back into quarantine. While some are able to work from home, others are scratching their heads trying to figure out what to do with their time. Here’s a list of ways to find activities to do in quarantine.

1. DIY Projects:

All the untouched materials you have bought over the years hoping you’d get the chance to put together can now be used! Pinterest has thousands of inspirational ways to make small adjustments to your home or even add a pop of color to an area. If you don’t have materials, check out your local Woodcraft Boise– they offer same day shipping and love helping people learn the art of woodworking.

Read more about Woodcraft Boise here:

Get Creative with Woodcraft Boise
Activities to Enjoy While in Quarantine | DIY Projects

2. Organize:

Now that you’ve binged Marie Kondo and The Home Edit, it’s time to organize all the rooms you’ve been dying to. Why –– because now you have time. Say goodbye to items you no longer need and hello to Amazon Prime storage containers –– by the end of your quarantine, at least you’ll be organized.

3. Relax/Workout:

This may be the most important suggestion –– after all you are in quarantine for a reason. Take this time to be grateful for the things you have and this time to slow down in life. Many local fitness centers offer online classes that you can enjoy from home.

Read About I Love Kickboxing here:

I Love Kickboxing Boise
Activities to Enjoy While in Quarantine | I Love Kickboxing

Photo Credit: ILoveKickboxingInstagram

Activities to Enjoy While in Quarantine | Working Out

4. Watch a New Series:

Netflix, Hulu, DisneyPlus, and other streaming services have dozens of series/documentaries/movies that are being added. Now’s the time to watch everything that’s been sitting in your queue, but haven’t had the time.

5. Walk/Ride a Bike:

Although you want to avoid populated areas, the CDC does say it is safe to get fresh air, and let’s be honest it’s good for you. Ride a bike or go for a walk in your neighborhood –– get to know the area you’ve been living in.

If you are feeling symptomatic, find where you can get tested here:

Drive Up Covid-19 Testing

CDC Guidelines here:

Visiting Parks - Guidelines
Activities to Enjoy While in Quarantine | Walking and Riding a Bike

6. Try a New Recipe:

Now’s the time to explore your inner Gordon Ramsey skills, try the new recipe you screenshot months ago but haven’t had the patience to tackle. Albertsons offers delivery and its Drive Up & Go Program.

Read more about Albertsons:

Albertsons Drive Up and Go Program

Having to quarantine isn’t ideal, but make the most of it by trying something new or something you don’t get to do often. Totally Boise wants everyone to stay safe–– both mentally and physically.




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