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Heart Of Timber Putting Their Heart into Every Custom Build

Last updated August 31, 2020 by Totally Boise

Heart Of Timber Owner, Alex Jangard, and his team combine years of talent and skill to create custom-designed furniture, crafted with quality and thoughtfulness.

What started as a “side hustle” in college for Jangard developed into a booming business in 2016. Today, individuals and businesses commission the Heart Of Timber team to create custom furniture. Using locally sourced material, from suppliers such as Woodcraft of Boise, the team at Heart Of Timber brings carefully chosen, high quality selected wood back to life as beautiful yet functional furniture.

"Most of the timber used in each custom piece is crafted by the Heart Of Timber team and is sourced from local trees, suppliers, and other small businesses here in the valley,” said Jangard.

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Custom Family Furniture

The team at Heart Of Timber crafts every piece of furniture with heart. This is because Jangard wholly believes furniture in the home should be more than just aesthetically pleasing. He believes clients should envision the furniture as part of a setting where families will be making sentimental, long-lasting memories.

"Heart Of Timber understands how important it is to have a place you're proud to gather around,” said Jangard.

Custom to Local Boise Businesses

Some favorite local Boise spots have turned to the Heart Of Timber team to build staple furniture for their business. Eye-catching furniture pieces around town that Heart Of TImber has built have become central pieces for these known locations.


Features a combination of galvanized pipe and hard maple. Two favorite pieces include a 10-foot live-edge maple bar matching ten foot by ten foot "L" shaped outdoor bench with live edge maple slabs.

Western Collective

Various pieces in this project ranging from a coffee bar, 10-foot live-edge tables, retail display tables, custom designs printed on the wood, and more.

Totally Boise

Custom-crafted Idaho wood stands for our Totally Boise MAG at various locations around the Treasure Valley.

From Totally Boise’s experience, Heart Of Timber has worked with clients to build pieces that embrace their company vibe, communicate a high level of quality, that sets them apart from competitors.

Residential hand-crafted woodwork by Heart of Timber in Boise
Commercial hand-crafted woodwork by Heart of Timber in Boise
Commercial hand-crafted woodwork by Heart of Timber in Boise

Image Credit: Heart of Timber Website

Totally Boise and Heart Of Timber Custom MAG Stands

There’s a chance if you picked up a Totally Boise MAG, you saw the stands created for us by the team at Heart Of Timber. Totally Boise collaborated with Heart Of Timber to create a unique stand that captures the essence of our amazing local community. Our efforts of pouring our heart and soul into this first edition of the MAG were matched by the efforts of the Heart Of Timber team when creating the MAG stands.

Jangard’s unique process began with sitting down with us at Totally Boise and collaborating on ideas, ensuring quality work.

Click here to find a location near you to pick up the Totally Boise MAG! Take a picture picking up the Totally Boise MAG and share on your favorite social with #TotallyBoise for a chance to be featured in our next edition!

Doing Everything With Heart

From the time they meet with a client, to the building process, to delivery of the final build, Heart Of Timber delivers quality, one-of-a-kind wood furniture.

Heart of Timber is empowered to give back to their community in ways beyond their talented woodworking. They enjoy making a social impact by donating to a local charity that helps families in need of a home. Their mission is to do everything with a genuine, passionate heart in the hopes to inspire others to live the same.

Phone: (208) 277-8783

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