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Helping Create a New Perspective of Eagle Road

Last updated August 31, 2020 by Tessa Bishop

Idaho’s Busiest Road

Everyone living in the Treasure Valley is familiar with Eagle Road. There are differing feelings about the state highway that spans across three cities; some people are excited by the abundance of amazing stores, while others dread waiting in (mild) traffic.

Totally Boise understands the frustration with Eagle Road’s growing pains, but we have made it our initiative to see the positive of every situation.

For example, Eagle Road has some of the best local shopping in town, delicious food on every corner, and of course, every necessary business in-between. This state highway has grown to encompass hundreds of locally-owned businesses and is an essential roadway for daily travelers.

Totally Boise Recommends Eagle Road Idaho
Eagle Road Idaho, Idahos Busiest Road

A Few Fun Facts About Eagle Road AKA Idaho 55:

  • It is the state’s busiest non-interstate road, a 7-mile stretch traversed by up to 50,000 vehicles a day.
  • Over 150 restaurants take up the span of Eagle Road.
  • Eagle Road is now known as a must-see destination for locals and travelers alike

Creating United New Perspective

Eagle Road Idaho was created with the mission to share and improve the experience of Eagle Road travelers, shoppers, and business owners.

Eagle Road Idaho Coalition

Eagle Road Idaho is a coalition of business owners who have banded together to improve the perception, quality, and shopability of Eagle Road. Each of the members has recognized the amazing opportunity to utilize their business location on Idaho’s busiest thoroughfares to further establish loyal customers and support their other fellow Eagle Road business owners and to promote Eagle Road as a desirable destination to experience in the Treasure Valley.

“We created Eagle Road Idaho to highlight local businesses, events, and promotions that span across three cities and hundreds of business locations. From restaurants to doctors’ offices, you can find it all on Eagle Road.” -Stephanie Lloyd, Director

Totally Boise Recommends Eagle Road Idaho
Eagle Road Idaho, Idahos Busiest Road

Eagle Road Idaho coalition members work together to:

  • Generate awareness of businesses, offerings, and services to a broad audience of Treasure Valley residents and visitors.
  • Build a network of Eagle Road businesses and business professionals.
  • Improve the community’s perception of the busiest road in Idaho.
  • Work alongside the Idaho Transportation Department to create, implement, and raise funding for improvement plans.
  • Advocate for the shopability and abundant variety of stores and services on Eagle Road.

The Eagle Road Idaho business coalition’s primary goal is to raise awareness and generate input from community members who use the state highway every day. Together with the community, these businesses have the power to help create a better ecosystem along Eagle Road for businesses, consumers, and commuters.

Are you a business owner who wants to know more about the Eagle Road Idaho coalition? Learn more here

Eagle Road Idaho




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