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The Longest Locally Owned Storefront in the Meridian Crossroads Center, A New Vintage Wine Shop

Last updated August 31, 2020 by Totally Boise

Ilene Dudunake, the owner of A New Vintage Wine Shop, is a successful businesswoman and wine connoisseur in the Treasure Valley. In addition to operating a boutique wine shop, Dudunake is the only independent business owner in the shopping center off Fairview and Eagle Road.

19 years ago, Dudunake opened in the Meridian Crossroads shopping center. Since then, Dudunake has built long-lasting relationships with her guests, wine representatives, and employees, leading her to be the only independent business left in the shopping center.

Dudunake expressed her passion for building relationships, calling that an essential step to having a successful business. While some wholesale wine representatives have been selling to A New Vintage Wine Shop for over ten years, Dudunake has had some of the same customers over the past 19 years. All in all, she says the community she’s created through A New Vintage Wine Shop has become an extended family who have shared experiences of marriage, birth, divorce, and death.

A New Vintage Wine Shop in Boise, offering wines from around the world

Wines From All Over The World

With over 850 wines to choose from in the shop, Dudunake has a wine for everyone’s palette. A New Vintage Wine Shop is about finding quality wine at a boutique store, without the price tag.

“I try to carry wines that my customers want,” said Dudunake, adding “Anywhere from $8 up to the moon,” said Dudunanke.

The mindset Dudunake continues to maintain mixed with years of customer service skills has kept A New Vintage Wine Shop in business. Her passion for wine and people has also helped in moving her forward as a judge, tasting wine at a competitive level.

Dudunake has traveled Idaho and Washington for over 10 years as a judge for wine competitions, making her quite the wine expert in Totally Boise’s opinion.

Totally Boise couldn’t resist but ask Dudunake what her favorite wine was, the response was quite comical.

“It’s like asking who’s your favorite child,” said Dudunake with a joking laugh.

A New Vintage Wine Shop in Boise, owned and operated by Ilene Dudunake

Ilene’s Past Wine Accomplishments

Not only is Dudunake a successful wine shop owner, but she has had several other successes. Dudunake has been featured in many publications and received awards along with landing the cover of HERLIFE Magazine. In addition to the recognition of A New Vintage Wine Shop, Dudunake hosted an educational wine segment on 94.9 FM The River for 13 years.

“I learn every day, and I love it,” said Dudunake.

A New Vintage Wine Shop in Boise, the perfect gathering place during lockdown

Grab Wine For Home or Stay Awhile

A New Vintage Wine Shop has seating for guests to enjoy their wine. Although A New Vintage Wine Shop doesn’t sell food, guests can bring their own snacks inside to enjoy. May we recommend a crowd favorite: cheese, meat, and fruit platters the perfect pair to tasty wine.

During COVID-19, many businesses have struggled, but thanks to Dudunake’s strong bond with reps and guests, A New Vintage Wine Shop continues on its path as a successful Treasure Valley business.

What makes Dudunake a Totally Boise Interesting Person isn’t just her successful wine shop and knowledge, but her caring demeanor and willingness to continue to learn and strive to make the community a better place. Sitting with her in a room made each of us want to carry through life with a giving, passionate, and inquisitive personality.

Next time you’re in need of wine, stop by A New Vintage Wine Shop and say “Hi” to Ilene, Boise’s wine expert.

Phone: (208) 855-9230
Location: 1400 N. Eagle Rd., #104, Meridian, ID 83642
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