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Are you a part of the 80% who has partnered with nightmare marketing employees, agencies, and freelancers? All of which have proven to create sub satisfactory output, charge outrageous hourly prices, and operate with the principles of “mystery is margin”?

If this describes your scenario, it's time to meet WebMarkets.

Not all marketing and advertising professionals, agencies, or freelancers are created equal. Creative strategy, experience, and grit go a long way.

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WebMarkets Creates Very Specific Objectives For Each Company

  • To Make the Company More Profitable
  • To Make the Company More Competitive
  • To Create Long Term Advantages Over Their Competition

WebMarkets is a Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency that incorporates these goals into a unique marketing mix of brand awareness, lead generation & sales. To achieve these objectives, we employ a team of extremely talented individuals who specialize in Web Design, SEO, Social Media Advertising, Digital Advertising, Video Production, Reputation & Review Management, Public Relations, and most importantly, strategy and customer service.

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Operating on its founding principles, this is the WebMarkets Way:

Be Professional
Be Honest
Be Transparent
Be Reliable
Be Accountable
Be Profitable
Schedule a Strategy Call

Be Professional

Develop Unique Strategies

It does matter who you work with. Team fit is a big deal, and so is experience.

Do you like who you work with? Are they the best for the job?

Not all shoes fit. Not all shapes go in the same square hole. So why sign up for a cookie-cutter solution? In my experience, a one size fits all approach to business strategies, especially in the marketing and advertising world, do not work. Here’s why:

  1. Not all businesses are the same. Not all opportunities are the same. This is where a consultant needs to advise the correct strategy based on gaps and opportunities.
  2. There is no silver bullet. There is no tactic that will deliver incredible ROI without strategic planning (or something like that?).
  3. Find unique competitive advantages and stand out.
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Be Honest

Cost Structure & Recommendations

In the digital marketing world, there are two types of cost structures. We call them the Traditional vs Partner structure. And oh my, how they are different.

Traditional Model

  • Billed Hourly (Like a Lawyer)
  • Start-Up and Variable Costs
  • One-Off Campaigns
  • No Ongoing Strategies
  • Charged for Variable Account Management

Partner Model

  • Set Monthly Cost (Like an employee, except you don’t have employee onboarding, training, benefits and payroll tax costs)
  • No Start-Up and No Variable Costs
  • No Hourly Costs
  • Thorough Campaigns with Analysis & Reporting
  • Ongoing Strategies
  • Dedicated Account Management
Totally Boise Recommends WebMarkets Digital Marketing Agency best in Boise

Be Transparent

Budget Based Pricing Models Do Not Work in Marketing

If I were to tell you, I charged you twice as much as I did my last client because I believe you have a larger budget, how would you feel? This is called budget based pricing, and it just isn't effective, nor is it moral.

Transparency is essential for all success. It is the undeniable aspect in discovering the root of any problem.

Transparent Billing

Adspend Trick

Would you approve a $3,000 advertising spend if only $1,500 of it was actually spent? Of course you wouldn't. Unfortunately, many advertising agencies take your $3,000 in advertising spend, and then turn around and spend $1,500 of it on the actual advertising and secretly pocket the other $1,500 for hidden costs such as advertising campaign oversight, campaign creation, campaign management, campaign optimization, account management meeting times, overhead costs, and so on. See the problem here?

At WebMarkets, we are extremely transparent and set up shared advertising accounts, to view budget and performance data metrics, in real-time. All of our pricing is transparent, which allows our clients to focus on being wildly successful.

Hourly Model Trick

Say for instance I told you it would take two hours to update your marketing. Then, I went ahead and sent you a bill for 4.5 hours, without your authorized permission. Well, this happens quite often and is known in the industry as “mystery is margin”.

So at WebMarkets, we’ve done away with the hourly model, because it simply doesn't work.

Totally Boise Recommends WebMarkets Digital Marketing Agency best in Boise

We Construct Marketing Budgets Differently

A wildly successful marketing budget has these key ingredients:

  • Reverse Engineer Break Even Points and Success Metrics
  • Measure a 3X-15X ROAS and ROI
  • Incorporate the Correct Marketing Mix
  • Is Not a Shot in the Dark
  • Has Enough Fuel for the Fire
  • Transparent Advertising Accounts
  • Utilize Data to Leverage Future Growth

Benchmarks & Metrics

Data doesn't lie, ever. With this being said, effective reporting on what works and what needs improvement is vital to developing a successful marketing campaign. It is within the data that you can extract valuable insights and make educated decisions.

Be Reliable

Reliability isn't just a word, it's the key ingredient.

How many of you have hired an employee, contractor or agency, just to watch their passion fizzle away and no call, no show when you need them most? What happens when your one marketing employee takes a scheduled week off? What happens when your business becomes landlocked on one employee’s strategies?

Team Driven Strategies

Being reliable is being there when you're needed the most. At WebMarkets, we operate in teams to run successful client relationships and profitable marketing campaigns. This provides a wealth of knowledge, strategy, and concepts to be shared, while also providing no huge gaps in customer service and support.

Be Accountable

When you pass the buck, success doesn't arrive.

One of the key factors to a successful marketing campaign and client relationship is recognizing necessary action. In the digital marketing world, there are many opportunities for success, and error. In today’s technological world, human beings are the driving factor to the path of success. With this, comes human error. And it's with great accountability, do the best humans rise up during crunch time and take responsibility to correct any errors and drive the campaign towards success.

Totally Boise Recommends WebMarkets Digital Marketing Agency best in Boise

The WebMarkets Way

"At WebMarkets, we focus on partnering with passionate, empowered, and talented individuals who aren't afraid to work hard to accomplish their goals. This is the knowledge base, skill set, and culture of the team that executes marketing strategies on behalf of our clients. This team mentality creates a long-term ecosystem of creative marketing strategies, profitability for our clients, and the desire to win. And when our clients win, so does WebMarkets.

We believe that quality is the result of high intention, sincere effort, and skillful execution. These core values are embedded in every marketing and advertising project performed and executed by: WebMarkets Digital Marketing & SEO:

  1. Deliver the WOW Through Service
  2. Be a Credible Resource
  3. Innovate to Spearhead Change
  4. Be Creative, Adventurous, and Open-Minded
  5. Pursue Growth & Learning
  6. Communicate to Build Open & Honest Relationships
  7. Be a Positive Team with a Family Spirit
  8. Be Resourceful; Do More with Less
  9. Be Confident, Passionate, and Determined
  10. Be Grateful

This is the WebMarkets Way."

- Kris Lloyd, Founder, CEO- WebMarkets

Totally Boise Recommends WebMarkets Digital Marketing Agency

Totally Boise Recommends WebMarkets Medical Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

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