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The Hidden Oasis Not Far From Boise

Last updated July 29, 2020 by Tessa Bishop

It comes as no shock that once again we’ve found one of the dreamiest spots in Idaho! Toward the North side of the Snake River Canyon, tucked away in Wendell, Idaho is Box Canyon Springs. This small, hidden canyon shouldn’t go unnoticed!

A few things unique about this canyon is that it takes 150 years for the water to run through the mountain to an aquifer and ending at a beautiful natural pool. The water is crystal clear and truly one of the most beautiful sights to see! This spring-fed pool is constantly flowing and the temperature never changes, let this serve as your warning: it’s pretty chilly.

You’ll begin walking the trail to Box Canyon Springs through a crunchy, dry, grassy desert path. Don’t be fooled by the surrounding dry valley, soon you’ll find yourself surrounded by the beauty of a canyon, greenery, and rapidly flowing clear water. The trail is about a mile long until you reach the dreamy bright blue pools. There are a few downhill paths, with rails and ropes to hold onto for assistance, so comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended.

Passing the trail, you’ll come upon a 20-foot waterfall with rushing water. Use this as an indication you’re nearing your end destination, the pool! Then you’ll come upon the amazing Box Canyon Springs pool, where you can sit around or take a leap of faith into the chilly spring water! What makes Box Canyon Springs stand out is the crystal-clear bright blue body of water.

Who Can Hike?

  • Length of hike: About 1 mile/30 minutes
  • Skill Requirements: Beginner-Intermediate. There’s a small stretch that is all uphill, while the rest of fairly flat with many rocks acting as bumps in the road.
  • Family Friendly: Yes! Remember to wear your best walking shoes.

Fun Fact: We heard depending on the season you decide to visit, Box Canyon Springs color of the water can change depending on the weather and sunlight. Water can be seen anywhere from a bright aquamarine color to a deep emerald!

Remember when exploring Idaho’s nature spots, it’s important to take care of the land and follow trail etiquette.
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