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Totally Boise Park Pick of the Week: Julia Davis

Last updated July 28, 2020 by Totally Boise

Chances are if you’ve visited Boise or live in Boise, you have been to Julia Davis Park. Being the oldest park in Boise, Julia Davis Park is a Boise favorite. Julia Davis Park is Boise’s most unique and distinctive park due to its accessibility and features within the 43 acres of land.

Outdoor Games:

Being that Julia Davis is so big, there is room for tons of activities. Outdoor courts that Julia Davis has are horseshoe, bocce and tennis courts. Whether you pack a game or choose to reserve a court, there is plenty of room for fun at Julia Davis.

Rose Garden:

Whether looking for the perfect selfie background or trying to enjoy Mother Nature’s beautiful plants, the rose garden at Julia Davis is always a beautiful walkthrough. Each year an estimated 2,400 roses bloom.

Zoo Boise:

Zoo Boise is actually located in Julia Davis Park, and chances are if you’ve ever been on the greenbelt or been to Julia Davis you’ve seen what Totally Boise thinks is one of the most unique quirks about the park, the giraffes. Named Jabari and Tafari park goers are able to see the giraffes anytime they are in their backyard. Not many people/places can say while walking the greenbelt or having lunch they can see giraffes.

The Greenbelt:

Although the Boise River Greenbelt runs through many parks, the perks of the Greenbelt going through Julia Davis are already listed above along with being right smack dab in the middle of downtown.

Boise River Greenbelt

Friendship Bridge:

Directly across from our friends Jabari and Tafari is the friendship bridge that links Julia Davis to Boise State University. Cross the bridge to check out the BSU stadium smurf turf or to enjoy the view of the Boise River.

Paddle Boating:

One of the fun summer activities to try at Julia Davis is renting paddle boats. Offering two person paddle boats, family and friends can rent boats to enjoy the pond at Julia Davis and the wildlife that habitats there.


Throughout the park are historic monuments and dedicated plaques.The Idaho Black History Museum is located inside Idaho’s historic St. Paul Baptist Church. Near the museum is the Abraham Lincoln Statue. Julia Davis Rotary Grand Plaza is another unique touch to the park. With bronze medallions in the park, each medallion has fun facts about The City of Boise.

Ann Frank Memorial:

One of the oldest bridges in Boise is the historic 8th street footbridge that runs across the Boise River and to the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. The Anne Frank Memorial is an educational park inspired by Anne Frank’s faith in humanity. This memorial is a great way to see Anne Frank’s life, and learn about her and her family’s emotional story. You will be able to get a glimpse of the 180-foot quote wall that takes you on a walk through history. Here are a few attractions you can see: The Anne Frank Statue, Stone Bookcase, the cityscape wall and butterfly poem, and the Anne Frank Chestnut Sapling, which has been named one of the only 11 United States sites to receive a sapling from the actual Anne Frank chestnut tree in Amsterdam.

Boise Art Museum:

The City of Boise loves art and embraces artists within the community. The Boise Art Museum hosts exhibitions, workshops and of course collections for the public.

Boise Art Museum

While many events have been cancelled this year due to COVID-19, Julia Davis Park is typically host to numerous local events throughout the year like Art in the Park and The Goddess Festival. While the current pandemic is still restricting many businesses from re-opening, parks are a great option to explore, learn and have fun in Boise.




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