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Mister BBQ - Boise's Newest BBQ Joint

Last updated February 19, 2018 by Totally Boise

We Visited “Mister. BBQ” in Boise and This Is What We Found

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The Totally Boise crew tried out “Mister BBQ” this week and the only thing we were disappointed in is that we hadn’t tried their delicious barbecue sooner! We were in heaven trying their most popular menu items. Our bellies were full and our taste buds were more than satisfied! The only way to truly understand the quality of this food is to try it yourself! But for now, keep reading for our take on this Southern Style BBQ.

Here are some reviews from a couple members of the Totally Boise team:


  • “At first sight of the brisket and tri-tip I was like oh, wow. After the first bite, I was like oh, my! Halfway through lunch i was like, seriously? Then to top it off, right after that first bite of buttermilk pie I was like, whoa! This is the best pie, ever! Definitely a lunch experience I will never forget. If “Mister. BBQ” was hiring, I would work there just for a discount on the BBQ”. - Kris Lloyd
  • “My tri tip steak sandwich was amazing. Tell me the last time you were able to cut tri tip with a spoon? Go ahead, I’ll wait.” -Shawn Cutting
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Zach Matheney has a passion to provide great food to the Boise community . This definitely showed through each dish we tried. During our visit we were able to sample a variety of their menu items like, baby back ribs, pulled pork sandwich, tri- tip sandwich, brisket, coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, sweet potato and buttermilk pie. A true carnivore’s dream! I’m sure you can imagine how incredibly excited we were to dig into all of these dishes.

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Is the meat tender enough to melt in your mouth? Does it fall apart just from your fork touching it? Yes to all of the above. Zach slow smokes his meat for 24 hours before placing it in your sandwich to give it that bold flavour. If you like to drench your pulled pork sandwich in barbecue sauce then you’re in luck because I personally couldn’t get enough of the tasty sauce. The proof is in the stain on my white tee shirt. Their coleslaw and baked beans were perfect to have between each meaty bite. For the customers that wish to take meats home, “Mister BBQ” sells by the pound.

Last but not least, dessert. We scarfed down two delicious pies, buttermilk and sweet potato. Each made from scratch and you can definitely tell. We had never tried a buttermilk pie before and after that first bite we realized we had been missing out! After just a few minutes, all that was left on our plate were crumbs.

Mr BBQ Boise ID

If you have an event coming up and need some food to make it even better, Mister BBQ is the place to call. No party too big or too small. They provide food for weddings, business meetings, parties, etc.

This hidden gem is located right off of N Glenwood and Chinden blvd. They’re open Monday-Thursday from 11am-8pm and Friday-Saturday 11am-1am. If you would like to have a luncheon or other event Mister BBQ is willing to open earlier to satisfy your needs, just give them a call!

Visit their website to order! BBQ Boise




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