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Float the Boise River: Know-Before-You-Go

Last updated May 23, 2024 by Totally Boise

One of our favorite ways to cool off is floating down the river with some of our best friends. The river is currently scheduled to open around the middle of June, and we couldn’t be more excited! Whether you’re a seasoned floating pro or a newbie, it’s always good to refresh your knowledge before the start of the summer season. 

  1. Gear Check: Before you take on the Boise River, check your floatation device for any signs of wear or damage. A reliable tube or raft is crucial for a smooth journey. If you don’t have a personal tube, you can rent one at the drop-in point located at Barber Park.
  2. Hydration Station: Paddling under the Idaho sun can quickly lead to dehydration. Be sure to bring plenty of water to keep you hydrated for your float. Best to keep the alcoholic beverages for dry land. 
  3. Sunscreen Re-Up: Direct sunlight and reflective water make a strong combo. Apply a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen before launching, and reapply every two hours or after getting wet.
  4. Lock Down Your Stuff: Keep your personal items safe in a waterproof bag secured to your float. This prevents them from getting lost in the river should you hit a rough spot or tip over.
  5. Shoe Smarts: The riverbed and surrounding areas can be rocky and uneven. Durable water shoes or sandals with good traction are recommended to protect your feet and provide stability if you need to step into the water.
  6. Know the Flow: The Boise River float has three sets of rapids. Make sure you are prepared to navigate them safely to avoid any tip-overs or lost personal belongings.
  7. Life Jackets: A life jacket is strongly encouraged on the Boise River. The currents can be stronger than they look, and it's always better to play it safe.
  8. Know the River: Familiarize yourself with the river's path and key landmarks, especially the exit points. This knowledge is crucial to ensure you don’t float past your intended stop. Be cool, be kind, and respect other floaters and the natural environment. 
  9. Critter Courtesy: Boise River is home to various wildlife. If you encounter any animals, admire them from a distance to avoid disturbances. Keep the noise level down, avoid private properties, and take all your trash with you to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the river.
  10. Weather or Not: Always check the weather forecast and river conditions before heading out. Avoid floating during or immediately after heavy rains, as the water levels and currents can be unpredictable and dangerous.

With these tips, you're all set for a memorable and safe floating adventure on the Boise River! Enjoy the water and the scenic views along the way, and check out for more information on all of your floating questions.




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