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Wake Up and Smell the Flowers: Where to Experience Idaho's Blooms

Last updated May 16, 2024 by Totally Boise

Hello, flower enthusiasts of Boise! Are you ready to immerse yourself in the natural beauty that our Treasure Valley has to offer? This season, Idaho's wildflowers are painting our landscapes in hues of breathtaking colors. From the serene paths of Cottonwood Creek Trail to the expansive vistas of Camas Prairie, I've rounded up the must-visit spots where you can witness this floral phenomenon. Grab your hiking boots and a camera, and let’s dive into a world of color and scent!

1. Table Rock

This well traveled Boise treasure hosts many trails to view the wildflowers aside from the famous Table Rock trail. From the Quarry Trail to the Old Penitentiary Trail, these wildflowers fill the air with beautiful scents and send bright colors cascading over the hill. Enjoy Boise’s favorite local hike with springtime views that take your breath away.

2. Cottonwood Creek Trail

Continue your wildflower adventure on the Cottonwood Creek Trail. A more strenuous hike, typical for the local backpacker, sports Idaho's most common wildflowers, with beautiful mountain views and waterside adventures.

3. Watchman Trail

For those who love a good sunrise hike, the Watchman Trail is your go-to. Positioned ideally for breathtaking dawn views, the trail is lined with wild iris and arrowleaf balsamroot, creating a golden carpet as the sun rises. This trail is famous for its wildflower views and variety of trail options for each hiking level.

4. Deer Point Trail

The variety here is unmatched, making it a favorite for those who want a bit more from their hike than just a leisurely walk. There is a slight elevation gain, but this trail offers shade, diverse landscapes, and an all around beautiful experience with all kinds of wildflowers.

5. Elk Meadows Trail

Elk Meadows Trail is a serene escape where meadows meet the mountain sky. Accessed via Deer Point Trail, This path is one less traveled but brims with beauty, showcasing large patches of wildflowers. It’s a peaceful retreat for those who enjoy solitude along with their superbloom.

6. Mores Mountain Trail

Circle around Mores Mountain Trail to find a spectacular array of wildflowers in a forested setting. This trail is particularly lush, offering a refreshing hike with spots to picnic and enjoy the surrounding beauty. Don’t miss the vibrant displays of arrowleaf and lupines along the way.

7. Ridgecrest Trail

For an easy hike with fantastic views, head to Ridgecrest Trail. This trail gives you a stunning view of the valley, where waves of wildflowers accent the desert landscape. It’s ideal for photographers and nature lovers alike who want to capture the beautiful Idaho in all its glory.

8. Camas Prairie

Finally, make your way to Camas Prairie. Named after the camas flower, this area is a sea of purples and blues in peak season. The prairie is a historical treasure, offering not only spectacular views but also a chance to learn about the plants’ importance to local wildlife and indigenous cultures. Catch the bloom late May to early June.

Looking for a more family friendly, guided experience with flowers you can take home? Try a local U-Pick Farm this Summer!

U-Pick Farms in Boise: 

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Lowe Family Farmstead | Kuna

Hidden Hollow Farms | Caldwell

Lovely Hollow Farm | Caldwell

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Idaho’s wildflowers are a fleeting marvel that offers a spectacular show of colors and scents for those willing to explore. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just someone who loves to enjoy the outdoors, the trails of the Treasure Valley provide a perfect backdrop to experience this natural splendor. Don't miss out on this picturesque season!

Ready to lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails? Join a community of local explorers who cherish our beautiful Idaho as much as you do, or explore the foothills on your own. Check out our other recommended outdoor adventures!





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