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Where to Treat Yourself During Holiday Burnout

Last updated November 20, 2023 by Totally Boise

Where to Treat Yourself During Holiday Burnout

The holidays are a blast, but let's face it – they can be a wild rollercoaster ride of shopping, parties, and never-ending to-dos. It's easy to forget about yourself while spreading joy to others, leading to a case of holiday burnout. Fear not, though, because we've got your back! From indulgent massages to secret relaxation hideaways, skin-pampering facials, and even hitting the gym, we've got four fantastic ways for you to reclaim your holiday spirit and rediscover your Zen.

So, if you're knee-deep in holiday mayhem and need a little "me time" to survive the jingle bells and whistles, read on. It's time to make sure you're on your own gift list and ensure this holiday season is as fun for you as it is for everyone else!


Massages, the ultimate treat-yourself experience! They're like a one-way ticket to Blissville. It's not just about banishing those pesky knots in your back, though it does a stellar job at that. Massages are a great way to treat yourself to unadulterated relaxation. Whether you're all about the calming Swedish massage or the deep tissue superhero treatment, these rubdowns have a knack for whisking your stress away. So, go ahead, book that massage and gift yourself the ultimate chill-out session because you've earned it, and the holidays should be all about spreading good vibes - including to yourself!

Some of our favorite places for a relaxing massage:

  • Organic Origins
  • Elements Massage
  • Highland Chiropractic
  • Alpine Wellness Clinic

Relaxation Getaways

Treating yourself to a day of relaxation is like hitting the "chill" button on life's remote control. Consider a halotherapy session, where you can bask in the salty air. It feels like a beach vacation for your soul. How about the spa? It's where pampering is the name of the game! Or maybe head to the sauna! Your stress is sure to melt away. These experiences are like a mini escape from the daily grind. So why not gift yourself a day of R&R, who says the holidays can't be all about fun and self-love?

Some of our favorite places to relax:

  • Salt Sanctuary
  • Organic Origins
  • Perspire Sauna Studio
  • Modwella

Get Pampered

Holiday pampering is a must! Does your skin need a little love? You deserve to glow. How about a holiday makeover that'll have you turning heads at every party? And perhaps it’s time to give your hair a little love to really bring you back to life. Whether you're craving a fresh face, a makeup magic trick, or a hair transformation, you may just need a little pampering to brighten your day. It's all about the fun and flair, so why not treat yourself to some pampering this holiday season?

Some of our favorite places to be pampered:

  • Brow Baby Esthetics
  • Keenly Crafted Aesthetics
  • Stina Face
  • Knucklehead Barbers


Amid the festive feasts and cozy indulgence of the holiday season, the gym might just be your unexpected savior for some much-needed you-time. It's not just about burning off those extra gingerbread cookies; it's a secret weapon against holiday burnout. With each rep, you're releasing endorphins, those delightful mood-lifters, and shedding the accumulated stress of the season. Plus, it's the perfect place to treat yourself to a sense of accomplishment. So, sweat it out, rock those workouts, and give yourself the gift of a healthier, happier you this holiday season.

Some of our favorite places to work out:

  • WORK Training Studio
  • The Commons Climbing Gym
  • Tone Fitness
  • DOPE Boxing
  • Eagle Yoga House

More Holiday & Winter Activities

Whether you're relaxing in a soothing salt cave or revamping your holiday look with makeup and hairstyling, these experiences are your ticket to ultimate self-care and rejuvenation during this joyful but hectic time of year.

But if you’re still enjoying all that the holidays and winter have to offer, make sure to check out some of our recommended activities and events during this festive season!

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