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Spring into Gardening: Boise Premier Nurseries & Seasonal Gardening Tips

Last updated May 08, 2024 by Totally Boise

Welcome, Boise garden lovers! As spring unfurls its colors, now is the ideal moment to revitalize your gardens. Whether you're plotting a lush backyard or a quaint balcony garden, this guide will navigate you through selecting the best nurseries and optimal planting times for a bountiful season. Let’s grow into spring with greenery that makes your neighbors green with envy!

Select Nurseries in the Treasure Valley

  1. Jordan's Garden Center & Seasonal Market - Boise

Find a vast selection of plants and gardening supplies. Known for their quality and variety, Jordan’s is a great start to find everything for your garden needs.

  1. Edwards Greenhouse & Flower Shop - Boise

A family-owned spot since 1930, offering a wide range of plants and expert workshops to enhance your gardening knowledge.

  1. Draggin' Wings High Desert Nursery - Boise

Specializes in drought-resistant and native plants, perfect for sustainable gardening efforts in Boise.

  1. Five Mile Farms - Boise

Ideal for those planning an edible garden with a selection of vegetable seedlings and herbs, focusing on sustainable practices.

  1. Victory Greens Stone & Garden Center - Meridian

Offers extensive garden supplies and landscaping materials to beautify your outdoor spaces.

  1. Old Valley Nursery - Eagle

Offers everything from ornamental trees to full landscaping services, with a strong community focus.

When to Plant What:


- Timing: Plant hardy vegetables like broccoli and kale early spring, but wait until the soil warms to at least 50°F for warm-weather crops like tomatoes and peppers. A good rule of thumb is to plant when Shafer Butte is no longer snow-capped.

- Tips: Consult local nurseries like Franz Witte for the best varieties and specific planting times in Boise.


- Timing: Fruits can be tricky. Make sure you plant early enough to allow your fruits to fully ripen but late enough into Spring that the soil is warm and your plants aren’t struggling in the cold soil.

- Best Practices: Spring is ideal for planting fruit trees, ensuring they have enough space, sunlight, and regular pruning. Maintain consistent watering to counter Boise's fluctuating weather.


- Optimal Planting: Start herbs like basil and mint in April to ensure they thrive by summer. However, herbs can be planted in the middle of winter indoors, as long as they are receiving enough light. 

- Considerations: Boise's sunny days are perfect for herbs, which require minimal maintenance but benefit from the spring rains.

Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees

- Flowers: Plant cold-resistant flowers like pansies in mid-March. Wait until later in spring for annuals like petunias. Be sure to research seasonal flowers for the valley, or visit one of our local nurseries to get the best opinions on which flowers will thrive in your oasis.

- Shrubs and Trees: Best planted in early summer when the risk of frost has passed and the soil temperature is stable.

Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees

Green Thumb Tips

No matter what type of plants you’re looking to grow, it’s important to research the best time to plant them in your area. Boise’s spring weather can be unpredictable, so it’s best to check the forecast before you start planting. And remember, even if you don’t get the timing quite right, there’s always next year! With a little bit of planning and patience, you can have a beautiful garden that’s perfect for Boise’s springtime. Good luck!


Spring into action! Visit your local nurseries, prepare your soil, and start planting. Your dream garden awaits—happy gardening, Boise!




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