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SELTZ™ Beverage is Revolutionizing The Cocktail Program For Small Local Businesses in Boise

Last updated December 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

Are you a business owner looking to shake up your drink menu? Or a foodie in search for the next best cocktail? Boise is witnessing the birth of another fascinating startup that aims to change the cocktail and hard seltzer industry in the Treasure Valley and beyond. SELTZ™ Beverage in Garden City has designed a product that allows any venue with a beer & wine license to develop a cocktail program.

SELTZ™ gives business owners a fast, cost-effective way to provide their customers with tasty, signature cocktails that don't require a liquor license.

Serve Cocktails Without a Liquor License

No liquor license, no problem! Don’t let those bigger businesses have all the fun. If you have a beer and wine license, you can start calling the shots and begin building a cocktail program, thanks to SELTZ™!

SELTZ™ makes three types of products (so far):

  • Cocktail SELTZ™ - a clean, cost-effective alternative to distilled spirits at 13.8%% ABV. Cocktail SELTZ™ also comes in 12 Ready-to-Serve flavors to put on your draft lines at 9.5% ABV per serving.
  • Sparkling SELTZ™ - a crisp, neutral flavor is a great social sparkler at 4.5% ABV. Sparkling SELTZ™ comes in 6 great flavor combinations.
  • Frozen SELTZ™ - An upgraded slushie for grown-ups made from real fruit purees, and delicious herbs and spices at 5.8% ABV. Frozen SELTZ is currently offered in 13 different flavors.

These innovative cocktail options allow you to be as creative or simple as you would like. Crisp, clean, pure, and refreshing, Sparkling SELTZ™ pushes the hard seltzer category into more thoughtful territory. But if you are truly interested in a fast-track to happy hour at your establishment, Cocktail SELTZ™ and Frozen SELTZ™ are ready to serve!

SELTZ Mixed drinks | Totally Boise
SELTZ Mixed drinks | Totally Boise

A Smart Alternative to Spirits

There is nothing better than a company that truly cares about YOUR business. SELTZ™ is the smart alternative to traditional spirits which are distilled, aged, bottled, and heavily taxed. The mission of SELTZ™ Beverage is to allow business owners to reduce pour costs, promote more eco-friendly practices, and create absolutely delicious cocktails that customers love.

Get low, low, low - because SELTZ™ is a low cost, low impact, and low waste product! Here are just some ways SELTZ™ is shaking up the cocktail scene:

  • One 5-gallon keg of SELTZ™ beverage has the potential to make your business up to 5X more than an equally priced keg of craft beer would!
  • The taxes on SELTZ™ are 10-20X cheaper than those of spirits.
  • The lower ABV of SELTZ™ cocktails encourages more drink sales.
  • SELTZ™ takes the headache out of building a cocktail program!

Hey cocktail connoisseurs! Don’t go thinking SELTZ™ is only a smart alternative for business owners. You’ll be impressed to know that one ounce of SELTZ™ contains less than half the calorie content of an ounce of vodka! Plus, SELTZ™ is vegan and free of gluten and artificial sweeteners. Pour me another one!

Interested in trying the products for yourself? Message SELTZ™ Beverage at to set up your very own private tasting at their beautiful tasting room in Garden City.

Totally Boise Approved SELTZ Cocktails

We were lucky enough to get our own exclusive demonstration on the authentic flavor of SELTZ™. Not only was the Cocktail SELTZ™ delicious alone, but one could easily be mixed into a large variety of both classic and new cocktail recipes.

Here's what we tried:

Espresso Martini - Cocktail SELTZ™ with coarse ground espresso roast and sugar. 9.5% ABV.

Margarita - Cocktail SELTZ™ with agave, lime, and salt. 9.5% ABV.

Paloma - Cocktail SELTZ™ with ruby red grapefruit, lime, and salt. 9.5% ABV.

Frozen SELTZ™ PSL SZN - Frozen SELTZ™ with pumpkin puree, espresso, coconut milk, and house-made pumpkin spice blend. 5.8% ABV.

Frozen SELTZ™ Huckleberry Juniper Lemonade - Frozen SELTZ™ with real huckleberries, fresh lemon, and gently spiced with floral juniper berries. 5.8% ABV.

SELTZ Mixed drinks | Totally Boise
SELTZ Mixed drinks | Totally Boise
SELTZ Mixed drinks | Totally Boise

How To Try SELTZ™

SELTZ™ is now available in the greater Boise area and will soon be available across all of Idaho and Montana through Watkins Distributing. Keep your eyes peeled as SELTZ™ expands to Oregon, Washington, and California next. Know someone with a business in another state that wants to try SELTZ™? Have them reach out to their local distributor to contact the team at SELTZ™ directly.

Dying to try SELTZ immediately? You can find SELTZ cocktails at following local businesses: Nomad Beverage Co., SpringHouse at the Merc, Twisted District Brew Co., and Alchemist Coffee Roasters. Handlebar Boise, Tanc’s Breakroom, Caffeina, CopenRoss Growlers.

To learn more about SELTZ, head to the channels below:


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