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Salt Sanctuary Keeps Boise Locals Well for the Holidays

Last updated December 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

As the winter months and holidays roll in, you may find yourself in need of some serious self-care and restoration. With Influenza rates soaring, and seasonal depression kicking in, we find ourselves searching for experiences that are equally healing and relaxing. That place exists, and it is called Salt Sanctuary!

As the name suggests, Salt Sanctuary is a haven for quiet, restorative healing. It offers 100% natural, non-invasive halotherapy sessions, massage, sound therapy, and breathwork classes.

Trust us; this is a Boisean hidden gem! But really, as your toes sink into the cozy, salty floors, and you feel the warm light shining through the pink Himalayan salt bricks while peaceful spa music plays, you will be instantly transported to the wellness Eden of your dreams.

Make Halotherapy a Regular Thing

You may not be familiar with halotherapy, and that’s what we are here for! Halotherapy, or dry salt therapy, is a non-invasive holistic therapy where pharmaceutical-grade salt is ground into fine micro-particles and circulated into the air of treatment rooms. For ultimate relaxation, guests are provided freshly laundered organic blankets, soothing buckwheat, and lavender-filled neck pillows to tuck in and enjoy the experience in ultimate comfort

We’re big believers that self-care should be a year-round thing. While just one trip to Salt Sanctuary can put the pep back into your step, the real benefits come with regular and consistent halotherapy sessions.

Frequent visits to Salt Sanctuary can provide numerous health benefits:

  • Regular halotherapy sessions can prevent coughs, colds, runny noses, and earaches.
  • Halotherapy also calms the nervous system for better focus during the day and more profound rest in the evening.
  • If currently on medication for respiratory challenges, halotherapy can improve the effectiveness of the medicine.
  • Research has shown that people who have asthma, COPD, pneumonia, bronchitis, arthritis, allergies, and more have found profound relief after just a few visits to the Salt Sanctuary.

Inhale Wellness with Breathwork Classes

You know when you’re feeling worn-down and stressed, and people say, “Just breathe?" Well, at Salt Sanctuary, that's REALLY all you need to do. Inhalation of the dry salt aerosol within Salt Sanctuary’s private halotherapy rooms translates to better lung function and the illumination of toxins in the body. Believe us; it’s that easy!

Give your lungs (and brain) a gentle scrub by signing up for a breathwork class at Salt Sanctuary. Not only will one 45-minute session help to reduce annoying mucus and decrease the severity of bronchial inflammation, but it also helps clear the mind.

Breathwork classes are all about connecting to your body through the power of your breath. These relaxing classes help melt away stress and elevate our state of being. During the breathwork class, the instructor will move through various breathwork techniques that energize, purify and balance the body.

As you inhale the salty air, you will exhale salty feelings! As you walk out the doors of Salt Sanctuary, you will feel calm and at peace and have a more profound inner connection.

Sound Baths for the Cloudy Mind

There is no doubt that Salt Sanctuary is your one-stop destination for all things health and wellness. You can even take a bath there - a sound bath! This type of bathing doesn’t require a swimsuit but encourages you to clear mental and energetic blockages through the use of sound therapy.

Crystal Bowl Sound baths are powerful and are achieved through the emission of high vibrational frequencies. The experience guides the mind, body, and soul into deep relaxation. The best part is, the healing it provides can be different for everyone, as it aids the body wherever necessary.

It sounds like something we could all use! Sign up for a class and transcend as you de-stress and refresh during this busy winter season.

Refresh, Relax, and Recharge Together

The health and wellness benefits at Salt Sanctuary are endless and universal. The services are for everyone, young and old, ill or at the top of their game.

Bring the kids! Not only will they reap the benefits of halotherapy the same as adults, but Salt Sanctuary also provides toys and books to make even the littlest guest comfortable. You can book a family session for up to six people. This relaxing holistic ritual prepares the body and mind for the busy holiday season.

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