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Stop Sun Damage with Meridian Window Tint This Winter

Last updated December 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

While we love the break from the hot Idaho sun, the winter brings forth a new set of first-world-problems. After all the leaves have fallen, and your windows are left with nothing to shade them, glare from the sun can become a nuisance. Now that the frost has hit, or trees are left naked and bare. Not to mention, once the snow falls, the intensity of the sun's rays can become extreme. Yikes! Darn, now your large home theater screen is blown out, your home office monitor is unusable, and your wall art is getting damaged, all due to glare. Such a bummer!

Meridian Window Tint is your solution! It offers window tinting and decorative film installation for all needs and budgets.

True Daytime Privacy For Every Window With Privacy Film in Meridian

Houses are popping up left and right in the Treasure Valley. These new builds are often built so closely together that looking out your window might mean looking right into someone else's! That’s shady… Many window films from Meridian Window Tint can provide privacy during the day, allowing the natural light in, and decreasing how often you draw the blinds.

These films help block people's views through your windows from the outside while allowing you to see clearly out. This film doesn't completely block all views, but it will undoubtedly give you an extra degree of privacy without feeling like you need to draw the shades during certain times of the day. It's a real game-changer!

Privacy Window Films
Window Tinting in Meridian & Boise by Meridian Window Tint | Totally Boise
Window Tinting in Meridian & Boise by Meridian Window Tint | Totally Boise

Say Bye-Bye to That Pesky Glare

The last thing you need this winter is the glare coming through the window and bouncing off your tv screen while you try to cheer on the Boise State Broncos or catch up on a new episode of the Great British Bake Off. Yeah, no thanks!

But how come you hadn't noticed the glare before? All the leaves surrounding your house provide a barrier to the sun. But with the changing seasons and the leaves dropping, the sun is coming in hot and heavy. And glary. No thanks!

Invest in window films from Meridian Window Tinting so you can enjoy sunshine AND finish your binge-watching.

No More Glare

Stop UV Damage in its Tracks with Window Film

While glare might be more of a problem in the winter, UV damage from the sun coming through your windows happens year-round.

The harsh UV rays can damage your hardwood floors and carpets, as well as your furniture and paint. And how about replacing a leather couch or refinishing wood floors? Not cheap.

Investing in Meridian Window Tint's window films now will prevent you from replacing your valued possessions in the future or losing them entirely to the sun's glare. Most of Meridian Window Tint's films are 99% UV blocking, and there is an assortment of shading in films to address all your needs.

During the quiet winter months in Idaho, when you're spending more time inside, it is the perfect time to protect your windows. Once the inevitable summer sun comes along, you will be thankful your past self made the right call. Plus, window film acts as an insulator and keeps the warm air in, and the cold air out!

Residential Window Film
Window Tinting in Meridian & Boise by Meridian Window Tint | Totally Boise
Window Tinting in Meridian & Boise by Meridian Window Tint | Totally Boise
Window Tinting in Meridian & Boise by Meridian Window Tint | Totally Boise

Consult with Meridian Window Tint to Find the Perfect Product For You

Meridian Window Tint has a vast selection of window films for all needs and budgets. Let them come to your house to consult you about what will work best for your Treasure Valley home. If you're still trying to decide if window tint is the best fit, visit Meridian Window Tint's website and try their free window film estimate, commitment-free!

Get more details on Meridian Window Film and its incredible products on its website!

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