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Battlefield to Backcountry: Kryptek Opens Their First Location in Eagle, Stocked with Outdoor Clothing, Footwear, and Accessories

Last updated September 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

Founded by two military veterans who flew Apache Attack Helicopters in Afghanistan and Iraq, Kryptek makes outdoor clothing, footwear, and accessories tough enough for the battlefield but perfect for the backcountry. By fusing their combat experience with a love for the outdoors, Kryptek’s founders have created gear so well-crafted that it’s been featured in films like Jurassic World, Furious 7, and in video games like Call of Duty and Ghost Recon (yes, you read that right!).

The gear is professionally developed by active and retired military and put through rigorous testing in extreme austere environments and conditions, ensuring that this gear will LAST. Serious backcountry hunters to occasional foothills hikers will find the clothing they need to enjoy the outdoors they love, all while supporting a brand local to Boise.

Outdoor recreation clothing at the Kryptek Shop
Outdoor recreation clothing at the Kryptek Shop

Photos from Kryptek

The Story Behind Kryptek

Kryptek has a proud and patriotic history. It was founded by two army vets, Josh Cleghorn and Butch Whiting, who served together in the Ninewa Province in Northern Iraq. They discovered that they had more than just their military status in common; both were ambitious big-game hunters and loved to hunt in severe environments.

Their shared mentality on both the battlefield and the hunt made them ideal business partners in the venture that would eventually become Kryptek Outdoor Group. Using their knowledge of what makes gear viable for any harsh environment, they created their own line of camouflage clothing, shoes, and accessories that can be used for any moment in life – hunting, camping, or just the day-to-day.

Kryptek and its founders are also passionate about conservation, with the mission to help preserve biodiversity and maintain animal populations whose numbers are decreasing due to habitat loss. Kryptek works with a number of organizations, like the Wild Sheep Foundation, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the Mule Deer Foundation, and many others to support this cause. The culture of self sustainment, self reliance, and conservation through hunting are at the forefront of the Kryptek brand.

*Fun Fact: Their signature camo design was created from a common sight from combat: The netting used to camouflage tanks and vehicles from enemies while in the field would cast this pattern in the sunlight.

Person in camouflage kneeling

Photo from Kryptek

So what’s better than getting the shirts, pants, boots, and more that you need to stand up to any adventure and being able to shop locally and support Idaho veterans? Not much!

Full view of the Kryptek shop in Eagle, Idaho

Photo from Kryptek

Experience the Kryptek Shop in Eagle

Started as an online-only store, Kryptek has opened its first, flagship storefront in Eagle. Now you can immerse yourself in the Kryptek experience! Inside you will find not only a community of fellow veterans, both active and retired, but outdoors enthusiasts of all types.

They invite you to come experience the space, try on the latest items, and check out some truly remarkable memorabilia. The store showcases an incredible collection of personal awards, souvenirs from the movies their gear has been used in and, most impressively, mounts and full taxidermy animals from the Kryptek team’s own hunts.

A man drinking from a stream
Person using binoculars

Photos from Kryptek

Explore the many racks of local, well-crafted gear (including many sales racks), where you’ll find gear for hunting, fishing, and so much more. All are welcome to find the gear you need for any moment in life! While mostly men’s clothing and gear are available at the moment, stay tuned for a women’s hunting line to come in 2023!

You Can Always Shop Local at Kryptek Online!

If you’re reading this blog late at night and just can’t wait to shop Kryptek's exclusive line of gear, all of their products are available on their website. You can browse through clothing like vests, pants, and jackets; footwear, tactical gear, accessories, packs, and bags. There’s no moment too big or small that Kryptek can’t outfit you for. Never miss a product launch or sale again when you follow these Kryptek channels.
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