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Why You Need A Real Estate Agent When Selling Your House In Idaho’s Housing Market

Last updated February 24, 2022 by Mariah Hebbeln

Myth: Idaho houses sell themselves.

False! While the Idaho housing market is one of the hottest in the country, sellers could be missing out by not hiring an agent while selling their homes or property. Tyler Horn, a truly local realtor with Amherst Madison shared his wealth of knowledge and experience on the current real estate market. 

A frequent voice on the Totally Boise channels, Tyler has become a terrific resource of information on all things Idaho real estate. In this most recent blog, he shared genuinely helpful tips and tricks for Idahoans looking to sell in the next year or so. 

Why You Need An Agent

When homes in Boise and the surrounding metro area are having offers accepted sometimes within the same day or week as they are listed, it’s natural to think that your house doesn’t require the assistance of a real estate agent. 

Five reasons why not hiring an agent could hinder the sale of your house and the actual amount of money you could be making from it.

  • Agents can give your listing more exposure on a more extensive variety of websites and multiple listing services (MLS), getting a wider net of eyes on your home. 
  • An agent can negotiate prices and other terms you may not know to ask for. An example of these could be a rent-back agreement or inspection contingencies. 
  • Access to a higher quality of marketing, photography, and staging services and advice to make your home much more appealing to potential buyers.
  • The ability to provide a price-setting strategy to sell your home fast and for as much money as possible. 
Tyler Horn Real Estate | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Realtor

Tyler understands the importance of a strong client relationship, and more than anything, he cares about leaving sellers with empowering knowledge to make the right real estate choices. If you are currently talking to an agent, take some time to ask them the following questions:

  • What is your experience?
  • What do you provide when listing my house?
  • Am I able to get a hold of you directly with any questions?
  • What is my home truly worth? 
  • What is Market Value for a house like mine? 

If the answers you get back leave you feeling unsure, it could mean you should continue to shop around with agents. 

“Get a feel for your agent. If you don’t feel comfortable or trust in their skills, it’s ok to look at other agents. You want to trust that your agent has your best interest in mind as you make one of the most important transactions of your life,” Tyler shared. 

For a glimpse into the Tyler Horn selling process, check out the Seller Guide attached below.

Seller Guide PDF

Testimonials From Previous Clients

We’re living in a world now where reviews are an essential part of the customer or client experience. Horn has seen in his own practice just how helpful this feedback can be, and has shared some kind words from his previous clients to show why he is one of the best in the Valley!

"Tyler did everything possible to make a difficult sale successful. I felt that he genuinely had my best interest in mind. I highly recommend him."

"We were also so impressed with his immediate responsiveness to our calls or texts, and was readily available for all our needs."

"Even now, 3 months after closing, he is still checking in to make sure everything is ok. I would recommend his knowledge and skills to anybody who is looking for an honest and reliable realtor. Well done Tyler!"

"He made himself available regardless of day or hour, sometimes sacrificing his personal schedule and appointments - another important factor that created a successful conclusion. "

"Tyler is awesome. He served our family extremely well. I have bought and sold over 12 homes, and this was one of the best experiences I have had. His advice saved us money and in the long run, probably will make us money. I would use Tyler again in a heartbeat!"

Tyler Horn Real Estate | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag

Why We Are Tyler Horn Fan

There’s a reason we’ve partnered with Tyler Horn for so many seasons now, he really is a wonderful resource on navigating this ever-changing landscape of the Idaho housing market. He also is someone who you can find out in the community, showing off the fantastic features of our City of Trees. Check out these past blogs on Tyler to learn more.

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