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“It Takes A Village” - Abundant Life Surrogacy Is Here to Support New Parents and Future Surrogates

Last updated January 11, 2022 by Mariah Hebbeln

Becoming a parent is one of the greatest journeys and commitments we can make in this life. For some people, the ability to become a parent does not come as easily as it does to others. Abundant Life Surrogacy is backed by an extensive team of mothers and caring professionals who are committed to giving the gift of a child to those who are eager to become parents or add a new life to their family. 

A large part of this commitment is the idea that Founder and CEO, Amber Valdez, calls “It takes a village.” Inspired by the ancient proverb with speculated African roots, Valdez has seen after years of surrogacy work that the process is not something one does alone. Abundant Life Surrogacy has five leading principles that support their tiny village and every Intended Parent and Surrogate receives.

The Vetting Process

It all starts with the first conversation. Both intended parents and surrogates can rest assured in the rigorous vetting process that ALS puts each component of the surrogacy process through. 

After a match is made between parents and a surrogate each party can expect:

  • Legal backing by the lawyer of your choice or one of ALS’s verified reproductive lawyers
  • Psychological and medical evaluations by a local or chosen reproductive clinic

No matter what, each doctor, lawyer, escrow expert, parent, and surrogate is vetted by the ALS team to assure they align with their values and agency principals. 

Care For The Surrogates

Choosing to be a surrogate is one of the most selfless decisions a possible gestational carrier can make. To be considered for surrogacy, you must have already given birth to a child. 

As a gestational carrier, you are supported by a member of the ALS staff. They are your connection to the whole process, answering any questions you have, being a friend to talk to and be open with about your experience, and a hand to hold if needed. 

Why previous ALS surrogates chose to become carriers:

  • Passion to give the gift of parenthood to others
  • Compensation for time, energy, and efforts given.
  • An understanding of infertility from a family/friend perspective and looking to help families experiencing infertility issues. 

Learn more about the requirements to become a surrogate and fill out your pre screening form here:

Requirements for Gestational Carriers | Abundant Life

Support New Parents and Future Surrogates | Abundant Life Surrogacy

Photo Credit: Abundant Life

Support New Parents and Future Surrogates | Abundant Life Surrogacy

Photo Credit: Abundant Life

Streamlined Process

The process from beginning to end can be daunting for those who are new to the process. Thankfully, ALS has streamlined the process at their agency to make it a much more pleasant experience for parents and carriers. 

These are the core fundamentals of that process:

  • F-Foundation: Intake, consultations, introduction to Abundant Life Surrogacy vision 
  • A-Assessments: Medical screenings, fertility consultations, medical records review, additional verifications
  • M-Mentoring: Orientation, introduction to support groups, coordinator connections
  • I-Integration: Matching, introduction to support professionals, occasional wait time, communication and mediation
  • L-Logistics: IVF, legal processes, pregnancy coordination
  • Y-Your Village: Follow up for at least three years, continues resource for fertility, introduction to the Abundant Life Family

Expert Mentorship

Surrogacy for parents and carriers is more than agreeing to create a baby together. Each party is supported through the entire process from matchmaking to the day of birth through educational classes, supportive events and constant open lines of communication with ALS and your parents or surrogate. 

What sets Abundant Life apart from other agencies is their ability to anticipate your questions and needs before you ask or even think to ask. Having successfully been in the business for several years, they’ve seen and been through most of what surrogacy could throw at you. 

Support New Parents and Future Surrogates | Abundant Life Surrogacy

Photo Credit: Abundant Life

Support New Parents and Future Surrogates | Abundant Life Surrogacy

Upholding Standards of Accreditation

To give their clients an added level of peace of mind, Valdez and Abundant Life Surrogacy are collaborating to help create the nations first surrogacy agency accreditation alliance. While in the first stages, parents and carriers can trust that the agency is being held to the highest standards. Currently, no such accreditation exists in the United States. With this seal, parents and carriers could trust the standards that any agency with it is being held accountable for. 

If the idea of becoming the parent of a surrogate child or a gestational carrier now sounds like something you would like to do, Abundant Life is excited to hear from you. Together, they are changing the lives of local, national, and international parents who either can’t create their own children. Time after time couples held back by reproductive issues and restrictive LGBTQIA+ laws have found success with this remarkable Idaho agency.

Contact them today!

Phone: 208-996-3648


Facebook: @abundantlifesurrogacy

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