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Sunshine Landscapes Beautifying The Treasure Valley, One Business At A Time

Last updated November 30, 2021 by Mariah Hebbeln

For over 20 years, the team at Sunshine Landscape has been creating some of the Treasure Valley’s most recognizable landscaping. Specializing in managing landscapes for clients like Zions Bank, St. Lukes, and several suburban communities in the area. With their focus primarily on commercial jobs, from conception to construction, maintenance and renewal, they enrich the Treasure Valley with quality landscaping. Not only are they licensed public works contractors through the State of Idaho, but they are members of NLPA (National Landscape Professionals Association), INLA (Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association), and SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association).

Keep reading to learn more about the team and why you should book Sunshine Landscape for your business’ landscaping!

Commercial Maintenance

Maintaining the grounds of your commercial property is one of the many forms of upkeep that you can do as a business owner or manager to improve the value and image of your property. Since the exterior of your building is the first thing seen by potential customers, clients, patients, or residents, it creates a lasting first impression on the level of care and attention your business gives. A clean and beautiful exterior has also been shown to boost the morale and mood of your employees, potentially giving them a great sense of pride in their working environment.

What businesses or organizations can hire Sunshine Landscape?

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Multi-Family
  • Healthcare
  • HOA
  • Municipal
  • Office
  • Government agencies

When you hire the Sunshine Landscape team to maintain your commercial property, you can rest assured that they will keep your grounds looking clean, neat, and presentable. Using scientific and technical equipment, they find a way to accomplish this goal for any size property or budget.

What does maintenance look like? Sunshine Landscape maintains a property by:

  • Mowing grass
  • Weeding
  • Shrub trimming
  • Fertilizing
  • Clean-up of fallen leaves, debris, and litter
  • Irrigation management
  • Tree care
  • Shrub Bed ReMulching

These services can be set on a schedule to ensure the maintenance is always kept up. With over 45 trucks, all the necessary specialty equipment, and a large crew, they’ve got everything it takes to handle the task of keeping your business beautiful.

Sunshine Landscape | Totally Boise Winter Magazine 2021

Photo Credit: Sunshine Landscape

Sunshine Landscape | Totally Boise Winter Magazine 2021

Photo Credit: Sunshine Landscape

Sunshine Landscape | Totally Boise Winter Magazine 2021

Photo Credit: Sunshine Landscape

Landscape Enhancements

If you’ve been in business a long time, or just began leasing a new building, it’s possible that the landscaping could be old, out of date, and in serious need of refreshment. Sunshine is here to help!

Together, you can collaborate on a fresh new look for your outside spaces that can be as drastic or minor as you feel comfortable with. Just as important as maintenance, enhancement brings new life, image, and interest to your building letting others know your level of care.

Take a look at a recent enhancement project completed with the City of Boise to refresh this highly visible bit of housing.


By refreshing the existing and old landscaping, the residents can feel an added sense of pride in their homes.

Sunshine Landscape | Totally Boise Winter Magazine 2021

Photo Credit: Sunshine Landscape

Sunshine Landscape | Totally Boise Winter Magazine 2021

Photo Credit: Sunshine Landscape

Sunshine Landscape | Totally Boise Winter Magazine 2021

Photo Credit: Sunshine Landscape

Other Services

While commercial maintenance and enhancements are Sunshine’s bread and butter, they have a variety of other services that they are able to provide.

  • Landscape construction - if you are building a brand new building, public space, or housing community and need the landscaping to follow HOA guidelines, Sunshine Landscape can design and implement the perfect customized landscaping for your project.
  • Lawn application - When you create a new building or need new grass, Sunshine Landscape is your resource for getting the job done. They have the tools, technology, and team to create grass spaces in a variety of sizes and styles.
  • Ice and snow removal - While the Treasure valley winters can be somewhat light, there are times when you need to make sure your parking lots, walkways, and company property are cleared of all snow and ice for safety. Here’s a list of entities that can book this service. Please know that this service books up, and needs to be reserved months ahead of the first snowfall,
    • Government agencies
    • Commercial properties
    • Retail properties
    • HOA common areas
    • Religious facilities

Sunshine Landscape is a long-time owned and operated Treasure valley business that is taking on the hassle of exterior landscaping, whether it be construction, maintenance, or enhancement. They’re passionate about giving Idaho businesses the resources and manpower needed to accomplish their landscaping goals.

Interested in booking their services? Check out these channels to see their work and contact them for a quote.

Facebook: @Sunshine Landscape Inc


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