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Who Says You Can't Buy Winter Plants? Franz Witte Garden Center Sells Year-Round Plants & Home Goods

Last updated December 01, 2021 by Totally Boise

Not to say plants are trending — but if the pot fits. In the past few years, the popularity of plants, specifically houseplants, has risen and continues to maintain their popularity. So while you may not be looking for outdoor plants at the moment, Franz Witte Garden Center in Nampa has plants and home goods to get you through the winter season with a little refresh of decor!

Perfect Winter & House Plants

If you've been to Franz Witte's newest location, you may know that half of the nursery is outside, but luckily the other half is in a warm greenhouse! Making it a comfortable experience for you on your journey to find your perfect house pet plant.

Franz Witte Garden Center's favorite 2021 winter plants:

  • Poinsettia
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Norfolk Pine

Franz Witte Garden Center Houseplant Gift Ideas:

  • Ficus Audrey: This is a great plant for a friend who is starting out as a plant parent because of the low maintenance routine.
  • Monstera: For the friend who wants to grow their collection! These plants require moderate light and water.
  • Angel Wing Begonia: So pretty to look at making it the perfect gift! This plant requires bright sunlight, moderate watering, and temperatures.
Franz Witte Garden Center | 2021 Totally Boise Winter Mag

Indoor Pottery Selection

Whether your plant has outgrown its current pot or you are looking for a cute pot to go with your newest addition, Franz Witte Garden Center has a Pottery section ranging in shapes and sizes for your plant! They have everything from typical at-home pots to cute and hand-crafted designs. If you are just starting out with plants, don't stress, Franz Witte has soil, lava rocks, and any other essentials you may need!

Year-Round and Holiday Home Decor

What we love most about Franz Witte relocating is their expansion into home decor! You can now find your seasonal holiday home decor or year-round home decor as you enter Franz Witte — pillows, blankets, Christmas decor, and so much more. Franz Witte sells curated and unique items for your home that you can't find everywhere, which we love!

Franz Witte Garden Center | 2021 Totally Boise Winter Mag

The Perfect Weekend Hangout at Franz Witte Garden Center

Franz Witte Garden Center embodies more than just a nursery; they have really become a destination spot to hang out and shop. On Saturdays, Franz Witte kicks off the weekend by opening its coffee stand and a pop-up food truck. Grab a warm cup of coffee, browse the home decor, and grab yourself a new house plant for the perfect warm winter weekend activity.

In addition to starting your weekend off right at Franz Witte, they also offer frequent workshops — seasonal succulents, hanging greens basket, and holiday gnomes to name a few. These are a great way to gather with friends or family and get out of the house during the chilly winter months. Who knows, you might pick up a new skill!

Did you know there are quite a few benefits of having house plants? The holidays can be crazy and we often spend quite a bit of time indoors during the winter. House plants are a great way to not only freshen up the look of your house but can also provide benefits.

Benefits of Houseplants

  • Mental health
  • Air circulation
  • Natural stress relievers
  • Proud plant-parent moments: When your plant starts to grow, it's a sense of accomplishment!

If you haven't been to Franz Witte's newest location, now is the perfect time to go! From their seasonal selection of home goods to seasonal plants, it's the perfect shop for new home decor! Here's the perfect way we'd spend our time at Franz Witte — start off your weekend afternoon with a cup of coffee and explore Franz Witte, we hope to see you there!

Franz Witte Garden Center | 2021 Totally Boise Winter Mag

Check out Franz Witte Garden Center's workshops here:

Franz Witte Events

Location: 20005 11th Ave N. Nampa, ID 83687


Instagram: @Franz Witte 1971

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Twitter: @Franz Witte

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