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6 Scenic Drives in Idaho Take This Fall

Last updated October 01, 2021 by Totally Boise

Jump in your car and fall in love with Idaho this autumn. Idaho is filled with endless miles of rugged terrain and beautiful landscapes to admire. And, these roads can lead you to unbelievable adventures such as hot springs, hiking, camping spots, wildlife, and many more outdoor adventures! No matter your destination, you can always enjoy the ride - wherever it may lead. Here is Totally Boise's list of 6 scenic drives to take this fall.

1. Boise Drive to Arrowrock, ID

Just a short drive from Boise, Arrowrock is a little haven for those looking for accessible wildlands. What stands out about the drive to Arrowrock, you may ask? Well, the water levels are ever-changing due to the dam! As you drive past, you’ll see the Boise River and Lucky Peak Reservoir. Along the river will be bikers, rollerbladers, and paddleboarders enjoying the outdoor scenery. Arrowrock is known for camping, and during fall there are definitely spots available!

2. Boise Drive to Stanley, ID

The Sawtooth Mountain Range is something to behold. It should be on every Idahoan’s bucket list to behold the rugged and harsh mountains across central Idaho plains. Breathtaking at the least, the Sawtooth Mountains can be seen perfectly on your way to and while visiting the fun town of Stanley. There are three scenic drives that lead to Stanley, Idaho from Boise - the first is going through Sun Valley, the second comes through Idaho City on the winding roads of Highway 21, and the third is going up Highway 55 and then following the beautiful scenic drive through Garden Valley and Lowman Idaho.

3. Boise Drive to Idaho City, ID

Within the Boise National Forest, you’ll find a quaint town and hundreds of forest land. Idaho City is a mere 45 minutes from Boise but allows you to embrace the atmosphere of the mountains and small mining town vibes.

4. McCall, ID

A short two hours from Boise, the drive to McCall overlooks fields, pastures, and small towns… and not to forget the winding roads along the Payette River. If you are lucky enough to travel up north to McCall during the summer months, you will most likely see rafters and kayakers enjoying one of the most popular stretches of the river. But not to fear, winter is easily as enjoyable with beautiful frost-covered trees and pillows of snow floating on the surface of the river.

5. Salmon River Scenic Byway

Just past the famous Sawtooth Mountains is a byway that leads to the quaint town of Challis, Idaho. This winding road runs along the Salmon River - where fishermen find some of the best fishing holes in Idaho. The terrain differs from that of the rugged Sawtooth Mountain range, as it shifts from evergreen forest to rolling scabland. There are so many fun stops along the way as you enter through Custer County, such as the Custer Ghost Town, Sunbeam Hot Springs, and the historical Yankee Fork Gold Dredge.

6. Boise Drive to Bogus Basin

Overlooking the city, surrounded by aspens and pines, the drive to Bogus Basin is always a fun adventure, especially when you stop at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation. As we dive into fall, Bogus is painting with Fall colors as it begins its preparation for winter sports.

You don't need much to make the most of Fall in Idaho. Just a little bit of gas, a reliable car, and a companion is all you need to make memories! Where's your favorite place in Idaho? Tag #totallyboise on social media to share your favorite fall spots!




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