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Why is it Important: Women in Business

Last updated September 24, 2021 by Dani Hansen

Although the stereotype still exists, it is no longer abnormal to have successful women in business, especially in the growing Boise community. Statistically, it's been proven that women face more scrutiny simply because of their gender. Unfortunately, we’ve all heard the negative gender-specific slang. As many strong women in business still face unwanted biases, it’s been proven that having a diverse workforce can promote a healthier and more productive workspace. Although the culture has changed to better suit a more inclusive workspace, being a woman in business is still not an easy task.

As a women-centric business, Totally Boise wants you to know some pluses of having women on your team - in any office setting. Here are some of the reasons you should have women in the workplace:

Expanding Your Brainstorming Sessions

Gender inequality doesn't exist on just a social or legal level, it is also a bad business decision. Having women in leadership roles or in industries that are male-heavy can contribute to groupthink. What is groupthink? Groupthink is when there is a lack of diversity in an organization or pool of people that are coming to a consensus. Although it can be nice, and rather easy to always agree, it is also detrimental to your business’s growth. Having a diverse pool of employees helps expand your brainstorming sessions, and can help you view things from a multitude of perspectives.

Appealing to the Masses

Obviously, there are some exceptions to every status-quo. Women, generally speaking, are inherently different from men when it comes to interests, emotional engagement, and communication. Having women in the workplace promotes a diverse work environment that may be more compatible and inviting to a large pool of employees or applicants.

Women in Business | Allied Business Solutions | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag
Women in Business | Allied Business Solutions | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag

Constructive Communication

We all communicate differently. There are very valid reasons that people request therapists, counselors, and doctors of a certain gender - sometimes it’s just easier to talk with someone you identify with. Some employees may find it intimidating to speak with supervisors or HR representatives if they are of a certain gender or communication style. Having women in these roles helps support a variety of communication needs and styles.

Making a Change for Women in Business in Boise:

Allies in the Workspace and the Community: Allied Business Solutions

Looking for trusted, local business solutions to help elevate your office? Allied Business Solutions provides technology equipment and digital business solutions for hundreds of Idaho organizations while supporting the local community.

Technology in business is forever changing. Many companies struggle to stay up to date. From managing printers to managing IT services, Allied is a hub for all experts on the ever-changing office needs. When you partner with Allied Business Solutions, you’ll gain access to the people, technology, and experience that can help you grow your business. Their client’s success is their success as they implement well-researched business strategies to bring organizations to the next level.

Along with being a thoughtful and effective resource for their clients, Allied is also The Official Business Technology Partner of the Boise State Broncos and proactive employer, focused on uplifting Boise women in business. As a continued partner for multiple non-profit organizations like The Salvation Army and The Ronald McDonald House, their culture of giving back to the place they call home is reflected in their acts of giving.

Recently, Allied's very own Lisa Mesenko received the title of 2021 Women of the Year Honoree.

Women in Business | Allied Business Solutions | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag
Women in Business | Allied Business Solutions | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag




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