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Wild Experience Gear Shares 4 Camping Spots to Explore this Fall in Idaho

Last updated September 23, 2021 by Totally Boise

Just because summer is coming to an end, does not mean your adventure has to. Wild Experience Gear has what you need to be prepared for your autumn explorations, and the best places you should explore.

Never go into the woods without being prepared. Yes, the natural and rugged terrain of Idaho has an unmatchable beauty, but without preparation, it can be quite unforgiving. Acting as a toolbox and lifeline for your next camping experience, Wild Experience Gear Medical Kits are made to keep adventurous Idahoans safe.

4 Camping Spots to Explore Before the Snow Falls

The cooler, crisp autumn air is coming in and pushing out the smoke from the late-summer fire season. With the clean and refreshing air and beautiful fall colors, many campers believe autumn is the best time to experience Idaho’s national forests. As the leading safety expert for camping, hunting, and outdoor excursions, the Wild Experience Gear team has explored its fair share of national forests. Here are some of the best fall camping experiences around the Treasure Valley, according to the Wild Experience Gear team:

1. Boise National Forest

Whether you are an experienced mountaineer or new to camping, the Boise National Forest has everything you need to make memories under the stars! Boise National Forest is easily accessible from the Treasure Valley. Being less than 30 minutes from Boise, you won’t believe the great mix of high desert, green forest, and flowing rivers. If you don’t want to “rough it” in a tent, there are many van and RV camping opportunities available.

Check out camping here → Boise National Forest Camping Info

4 Camping Spots to Explore Before the Snow Falls | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag

2. Craters of the Moon National Forest

Typically when Idahoans think of camping, they think of tall evergreens and mountainous landscapes. But, Wild Experience Gear doesn’t want you to discount the atypical beauty of Idaho’s deserts - especially the lava fields in Craters of the Moon National Park. The rocky terrain of many Eastern Idaho camping spots leaves way for awe-inspiring skies filled with endless stargazing and magnificent sunrises and sunsets. With the unique moon-like landscape left behind by ancient lava flow from the now-dormant volcanic area in combination with Idaho’s endless skis, this camping opportunity will bring you to a new plant.

Check out camping here → Craters of the Moon Camping Info

3. Payette National Forest

There is a reason many famous Treasure Valley businesses, like Payette Brewing and Payette River Company, references the beautiful Payette National Forest. With the famous 83 mile stretch of the Payette River weaving through national forest lands throughout Idaho, it is an iconic part of Idaho’s landscape - so iconic to have a national forest! The Payette National Forest provides easy access to mountainous lakes and all the activities that come along with them.

Check out camping here → Payette Camping Information

4 Camping Spots to Explore Before the Snow Falls | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag

4. Sawtooth National Forest

Although Idaho residents heavily appreciate the Sawtooth National Forest during the summer, it is quite quiet after Labor Day. There is nothing like seeing the snow-capped mountains towering over the rural Sawtooth Valley landscape. Wild Experience Gear doesn’t want you to let the fact that the Sawtooth Mountains is one of the coldest places in the continental U. S. steer you away. The cool crisp environment in the autumn months gives life to unique animals, plantlife, and scenery. The humbling mountains are home to some of Idaho’s most extreme excursion opportunities and accessible campgrounds - that you will want to be prepared for.

Check out camping here → Sawtooth Camping Information

4 Camping Spots to Explore Before the Snow Falls | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag

Medical Kits for Every Idaho Adventure

Find out more about Wild Experience Kits and why they are the perfect addition and necessity to your Idaho adventure. Their kits are smart to have for more than just camping and hiking. Check out other ways to prepare with your Wild Experience Kit

  • In your car: You never know when an accident may occur to you or one near you. Having a medical kit in your car can be life saving.
  • At home: Accidents can happen at any time, especially with kids! Having a medical kit at home ensures you're always prepared!
  • Hunting: Hunting season is here and bringing one of these medical kits on your hunting endeavour will allow you to safely enjoy your weekend.

Places to Explore In Idaho With Wild Experience

Wild Experience Shares Camping Injuries and How to Treat Them

4 Camping Spots to Explore Before the Snow Falls | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag
4 Camping Spots to Explore Before the Snow Falls | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag

Be Prepared, Be Safe

Whether you are exploring the extraterrestrial-like environment at Craters of the Moon National Forest or climbing the Sawtooth Mountains, enjoying crisp autumn air, Wild Experience Gear wants you to be prepared for any adventure ahead - hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping! Wild Experience Gear Medical Kits make a great gift for those loved ones that want to explore the outdoors this autumn. Pick one up for yourself and escape into the national forest before the snow falls!

4 Camping Spots to Explore Before the Snow Falls | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag




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