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How to Spend A Day in Mountain Home, Idaho

Last updated October 01, 2021 by Dani Hansen

Many residents of the Treasure Valley have been looking at the surrounding areas for affordable housing. Mountain Home, Idaho, is one place that many residents of Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian, and Boise have transitioned to, especially for first-time homebuyers. But, despite Mountain Home only being a 45-minute drive away from Boise, it is often overlooked.

So you may ask; what is there to do in Mountain Home? Here is what we suggest if you find yourself with a free day in Mountain Home, Idaho.

How to Spend A Day in Mountain Home, Idaho
How to Spend A Day in Mountain Home, Idaho
How to Spend A Day in Mountain Home, Idaho
How to Spend A Day in Mountain Home, Idaho
How to Spend A Day in Mountain Home, Idaho

Tour the Murals

One of the most unique and beautiful assets of downtown Boise is Freak Alley. Many people are surprised to hear that Mountain Home, Idaho, has more murals than Boise. Home to Community Canvas, there are over 160 murals in Mountain Home that span over eight blocks. Started over five years ago, Community Canvas reflects the tight-knit community's creativity and love for the small town.

Although Mountain Home's main downtown strip is under construction, the Community Canvas murals continue to be a focal point. While you are exploring the quaint by the colorful downtown area. The subjects depicted in the include:

  • Murals made with photos of locals and their families
  • Dancers and figures enjoying life
  • Collaborative pieces from graduates from the local schools
  • Native plantlife
  • Symbols of Mountain Home's heritage

You can pick up a map of the Alley Mural Placements at the city's Chamber of Commerce. We recommend starting at 150 S 3rd St E, Mountain Home, ID 83647

Here are a few other locations we recommend you check out!

How to Spend A Day in Mountain Home, Idaho

Coffee and Snacks From Mudslingers Coffee

Grab a cup of coffee and a bagel from Mudslingers! This coffee house hosts one of many murals in Mountain Home. As their slogan states, they are all about Awesome Drinks, Awesome Eats, and Great Service! They have many creative drinks to quench your thirst and give you an extra caffeine boost to fuel your walking art tour through Mountain Home.

Along with being a convenient drive-through, they also have a colorful patio where you can sit and enjoy one of their many drinks and food options, including their famous Mudslinger Coffee Blend and Pizza Bagel.

Mudslingers are open seven days a week from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
How to Spend A Day in Mountain Home, Idaho
How to Spend A Day in Mountain Home, Idaho

Check out Mountain Home's Only Brewery

Did you know that there is a brewery in Mountain Home? Blue Pit Brewing is the first brewery in town! It is conveniently located downtown - it even shares an alley with Community Canvas. Along your art walk, you can swing in and try one of their eight beers on tap.

The owner has been home brewing beers for over 15 years! And, with his beloved dogs by his side, you are guaranteed a great down-home experience.

Catch an Event at Hub Plaza

Hub Plaza is an outdoor community center and playground that hosts markets, live music, and other community events. This artistic, multi-purpose building was constructed from shipping containers. Located along the downtown strip, it is near the art murals of Community Canvas. Towering over most of the city, most locals call it the "watchtower." It usually serves as a quiet place for lunch breaks and as a children's playground, but on occasion, you can happen upon the community enjoying a community event.

Mountain Home: There's More Than Meets the Eye

Mountain Home has more to offer than meets the eye. Many Treasure Valley residents find refuge from the exploding housing market in Mountain home. From the colorful artistic touches to the small town hospitality, Mountain Home is perfect to explore. If you love Freak Alley in Boise, we encourage you to journey to the quaint town of Mountain Home. You can enjoy the plethora of Community Canvas murals and round out the day by being a patron at a few of their fine locally owned businesses along your self-guided tour.




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