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Common Surrogacy Myths Busted by Abundant Life, A Local Boise Surrogacy Agency

Last updated September 20, 2021 by Mariah Hebbeln

CEO and Founder of Abundant Life, Amber Valdez says there are many misconceptions or myths about the reality of surrogacy. 90% of the conversations Amber and her team have been correcting misinformation. With years of experience and a lot of compassion, they are here to break apart the myths and rumors consistently spread by those who are not in the industry and continue to educate and support those who are looking to join the surrogacy community.

Abundant Life, A Local Boise Surrogacy Agency | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag
Abundant Life, A Local Boise Surrogacy Agency | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag

Here are the five most common surrogacy myths that can be busted!

Myth #1: The carrier will become attached to the child.

Surrogates are women who are passionate about giving others the opportunity to become parents like themselves. A surrogate, or “carrier,” comes to families unable to naturally conceive with a high level of compassion. Since the child is not biologically hers, there is not the same level of attachment that comes from conceiving your own child. They will care immensely for the child, but they have a clear understanding of their role in the surrogacy process.

Myth #2: The surrogate carrier is biologically related to the child.

As stated above, the carrier that you are connected with will not share any biological DNA with the child conceived. The exclusive method of surrogacy used by Abundant Life takes the egg and sperm of the potential parents to create the fetus that then will be carried by a professional gestational surrogate. This assures that you, as the parents, can attain a 100% biological relationship with your future child. Abundant Life exclusively provides this type of surrogacy to its clients.

Abundant Life, A Local Boise Surrogacy Agency | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag
Abundant Life, A Local Boise Surrogacy Agency | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag

Myth #3: If your tubes are tied, you cannot be a surrogate.

Since none of the eggs from a carrier are needed to be a surrogate, women who have had their tubes tied are still physically able to become pregnant through the surrogacy process. So if you’re looking into becoming a surrogate and you have your tubes tied, you are still a potentially viable carrier. Your body will still be able to produce the necessary hormones for a healthy pregnancy With IVF, you can bypass your fallopian tubes completely, and have a fertilized egg implanted directly into your uterus.

Myth #4: Surrogate carriers and families do not get to choose each other.

The decision to become a surrogacy team is one of much consideration and connection between the gestational carrier and future parents. Abundant Life helps you connect with those who share similar morals, values, ideologies, and communication styles so that the relationship during the course of surrogacy is the best that it can possibly be. The connection should be that of someone you would vibe with at a party after being introduced.

Abundant Life, A Local Boise Surrogacy Agency | Totally Boise 2021 Fall Mag

Myth #5: Surrogacy is only an option for the wealthy and is removed from the process.

The cost is one of the largest myths of surrogacy, but in fact, the cost of surrogacy is comparable to the cost of an adoption. Being more consistent and less restrictive than adoption, surrogacy comes to parents after natural and IVF treatments have been unsuccessful. While the process does require a certain amount of money, this means that parents are very involved with the process since they might only be able to afford the opportunity once.

To learn more about Abundant Life for either potential gestational carriers or as future parents, check out our previous blog and this compassionate Idaho agency at the link below.

How Abundant Life Surrogacy is Changing Lives
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