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10+ Must Try Brunch Spots In The Treasure Valley

Last updated August 20, 2021 by Mariah Hebbeln

Oh, brunch. That magical meal between breakfast and lunch that merges concoctions of life-giving dishes. If there was a blanket statement that could be made about Idahoans it's that we love to hike, we are french fry aficionados, and we LOVE brunch. It is not out of the ordinary to find ourselves on an hour-long list at any restaurant dishing out their own take on delectable brunch food.

If you're nursing a hangover, looking for a mid-morning meeting place for you and some friends, or just a late riser in need of some tasty brunch food, keep reading. We've compiled a list of the Treasure Valley's Best Brunch spots. Thank us later.

The Best Restaurants for Brunch in The Treasure Valley

Goldy's - Downtown Boise

In the heart of downtown Boise, locals flock to this well-known quirky cafe for a reason. It doesn't matter the time of year, we'll gladly stand in the extreme heat, snow, rain, or freezing cold for a chance to snag a seat inside. With their own special potato seasoning, crisp mimosa's, and vibrant decor, you'll quickly understand why. Goldy's is serving up flavors all their own that you've got to experience for yourself.

Goldy's - Brunch spot in Downtown Boise

Image Credit: Goldy's

The Griddle - Boise, Meridian or Eagle

Another well-loved Boise favorite, The Griddle is known for being well worth the wait. Head over to this East Boise (or thankfully Meridian or Eagle) location to get your name on the list. You can grab a cup of coffee from them as you wait. Once inside, peek back at the diner counter to see the staff making fresh-squeezed orange juice. It's a beautiful thing.

The Griddle - Brunch spot in Boise, Meridian, or Eagle

Eggman & Earl - Boise

Step back in time, or to a retro universe all its own at this East Boise breakfast spot. Once seated you're dished a complimentary scone that tastes as if its long-lost relative is a light and fluffy beignet. Exclusively opened for breakfast, these cooks ain't messin' around. Their extensive menu is sure to satisfy any palette and you're guaranteed to not leave hungry.

Eggman & Earl - Brunch spot in Boise

Image Credit: Yelp - Bridget W.

Capri - Boise

A greasy spoon is defined by Wikipedia as “a small, cheap eatery typically specializing in fried foods or home-cooked meals.” But really, I believe you could define it as Capri's. Located on the far west end of Boise's downtown, this old-school diner-style breakfast, brunch, and lunch spot is an effective melting pot of the Treasure Valley. Old, young, rich, or poor, Boiseans LOVE the healing powers of the Capri brunch menu. Expect a line and some of the best dang breakfast food of your life here.

Capri - Brunch spot in Boise

Image Credit: Yelp - Timothy C

Joe Momma's Breakfast Eatery - Meridian

The Treasure Valley may be growing, but Joe Momma's will still make you feel like you're somewhere off in the countryside. Their menu features Idaho favorites like Chicken Fried Steak, either plated or in burrito form. Bring the family, bring the friends, but most importantly, bring an appetite. A favorite trait that the Totally Boise team loves? The waitresses know somehow without asking when you're ready for a coffee top-up or reached your fill.

Joe Momma's - Brunch spot in Meridian

Deja Brew Laugh A Latte - Downtown Meridian

A cute, art-filled cafe in the middle of downtown Meridian is one the cast of Friends would likely feel at home in. With farm-fresh ingredients prepared daily, brunch will be sitting in front of you or be in your hands quicker than you can snicker at the clever pun in their name. You can either pop in for a quick bite on the go or take a seat and sit a spell to catch up with loved ones or work remotely.

Deja Brew - Brunch spot in Downtown Meridian

BACON - Downtown Boise

It's no question what the cooking geniuses at Bacon are good at. Could it be...bacon? Yes! They've got menu items like Bacon Shots, Bacon Lasagna, Bacon Eggs & Poutine, and the BACON Bloody (Mary)! And for the true bacon lover, you can order your bacon one of five ways: Berryhill, chiles and sugars, Spicy Hot, chile heat, Kurobuta, black Berkshire pig, thyme, sage, rosemary & lavender, Maple Rosemary, or Candied with smokey syrups.

Bacon - Brunch spot in Downtown Boise

Image Credit: BACON

Merritt's - Boise

Boise's BEST spot for comfort food, Merrit's, has been grilling up old school Idaho breakfast classics since 1975. Long time Idahoans all have at least one Merritt's story. The joint is open 24/7 which means you can curb your brunchy cravings any time of day. An all-time favorite of ours is the Breakfast Bowl with hash browns, sausage, eggs, and slathered in that glorious, life-affirming, swaddling you like a newborn baby gravy sauce. And a scone, of course!

Merritt's - Brunch spot in Boise

Image Credit: Yelp - John C.

Huck House Brunchette - Boise

Get your camera read. Not only does Huck House Brunchette have some fantastic food, it's too cute not to share on your Insta! With sparkly mimosa's, edible Hibiscus flowers, and plenty of gluten-free dishes, they are as cute as they are yummy. Grab a spot on their waitlist online, enjoy their house roasted coffee and be sure to snap a pic, #huckhousebrunchette #totallyboise!

Huck House Brunchette - Brunch spot in Boise

Image Credit: Google Reviews - Taylor B.

Biscuit & Hog - Meridian

Wise words from two Totally Boise-ites who visited the Biscuit & Hog: “come hungry!” One need not fear judgement of gluttony here, infact, you're invited to Pig Out! Their portions would make even the biggest lumberjack satisfied. And a first to the Treasure Valley, a hearty, well stocked Bloody Mary is sold in a paint can bucket with ingredients like beef sticks, half a grilled cheese, olives, bacon, and cubes of cheese spiked into the mighty cocktail.

Biscuit & Hog - Brunch spot in Meridian

Le Baron's Honker Cafe - Downtown Nampa

Also featured in my search for the Best BLT in the Treasure Valley blog, Le Baron's Honker Cafe is an office favorite. Nestled in the picturesque downtown of Nampa, their kind waitresses and fresh produce makes their classic breakfast dishes a must-try. Well worth the drive if you're coming from even the furthest eastern parts of Boise, parking in Downtown Nampa is oftentimes free and extremely convenient.

Le Baron's Honker Cafe - Brunch spot in Downtown Nampa

The List Goes On and On...

We hope the list above has got your tastebuds kicking on and your tummy grumbling. There are so many wonderful brunch restaurants in the Treasure Valley and if you're looking for more options, check out the list below. Located across Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and Nampa, they are guaranteed to serve you some unforgettable brunch.


  • Bardenay
  • ā café
  • Tupelo Honey
  • Fork
  • Trolley House
  • Big City Coffee & Cafe
  • Juniper
  • St. Lawrence Grid Iron
  • Hyde House
  • Addies
  • Locavore
  • 13th Street Bar & Grill
  • Egg Factory - State St. or Fairview Ave.
  • Wild Root


  • Express Cafe
  • Waffle Love


  • Holy Cow Idaho!
  • Coffee Cup Cafe
  • Tower Grill
  • Egg Factory
Egg Factory - Brunch spot in Nampa, Meridian and Boise

Egg Factory Nampa

Express Cafe - Brunch spot in Meridian

Express Cafe

Tower Grill - Brunch spot in Nampa

Tower Grill

Didn't see your favorite brunch spot on the list? Help us correct that wrong by emailing us the name and the reason you love their brunch to or by tagging @totallyboise on Instagram.





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