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Totally Boise Travels to Idaho Wine Country with Snake River Wine Tours

Last updated August 11, 2021 by Totally Boise

Without hesitation, what's your go-to wine? That's how Owner and Tour Guide of Snake River Wine Tours, Samantha Maxey, likes to break the ice with her tour groups prior to wine tasting festivities! Idaho is home to 60 wineries, and the heart of Caldwell, known as Sunnyslope Wine Trail has 17 wineries and vineyards. Totally Boise recently had the luxury of taking a tour with Sam, where she shuttled us to four of her go-to wineries. Not only did Sam pamper us throughout the day, but she made the tour fun, easy going, and memorable.

About Snake River Wine Tours

Our tour consisted of two groups in one of the Snake River Wine Tours sprinter vans. Sam had water bottles stocked throughout the day and charcuterie boards to snack on once we arrived at the third stop. The best part of the wine tour is not having a single worry throughout the day, Sam had everything taken care of. She made sure we were hydrated, kept track of wines purchased throughout the day, and gave us a deeper dive into Sunnyslope history by sharing fun facts throughout the day.

Totally Boise Travels to Idaho Wine Country with Snake River Wine Tours

The 4 Visited Idaho Wineries

SCORIA Vineyards

The first stop on the Snake River Wine Tours, SCORIA Vineyards greeted our group with welcoming smiles and tasting glasses ready to be poured. Along with the four wine tasters, SCORIA's modern decor elevated the entire experience and left quite a few of us purchasing wine.

Sawtooth Winery

On the second stop on the wine tour, Sawtooth Winery made it one to remember. Seated in a private tasting room, the tour sampled four wines and indulged in some chambong fun! Sawtooth's vibrant staff made our tasting light hearted and lively. Their patio is super relaxing and has amazing views overlooking the Idaho vineyards.

Koenig Vineyards

Wine, snack time, vineyard views, and a lot of laughs sums up our time at Koenig Vineyards. Koenig was the perfect stop to eat, chat amongst ourselves and enjoy their high-top views of Idaho wine country. Koenig Vineyards also had jumbo chess and an abundance of indoor and outdoor seating.

Kerry Hill Winery

We couldn’t have asked for a better end to the wine tour. Kerry Hill Winery allowed us to really enjoy the time we got to spend together as a team. Kerry Hill Winery is open with a huge outdoor grass area, perfect for live music, lawn games, and relaxing.

Totally Boise Travels to Idaho Wine Country with Snake River Wine Tours
Totally Boise Travels to Idaho Wine Country with Snake River Wine Tours
Totally Boise Travels to Idaho Wine Country with Snake River Wine Tours

Snake River Wine Tours Accommodations

The way home was one of the most unforgettable experiences during the day. Sam let us choose songs to play and really took those final minutes to ensure our day was perfect.

If you are even thinking of venturing out to wine country, indulging on Snake River Wine Tours is a 10/10 highly recommended experience. Sam ensures that every person on the tour has fun and doesn’t have to worry about anything from staying hydrated to remembering your favorite wine of the day. She even labels and holds onto any purchases made throughout the day until the very end. We got to keep our wine tasting glasses, and chambongs from Sawtooth winery. If you are even thinking about going out to visit Caldwell wineries, treat yourself and book with Snake River Wine Tours for a memorable day!

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