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Inside Idaho Mountain Music: Boot Juice

Last updated July 13, 2021 by Dani Hansen

No matter which mountain town you stumble upon in central Idaho, you know that there is music somewhere nearby. The micro mountain towns of Idaho are some of the best boot-stomping destinations for new and upcoming musicians of all genres. Inspired by the friendly culture created by small communities along the banks of the Payette, the band Boot Juice was formed.

Growing up together, Connor Herd and Evan Daly helped each other build their musical skills. Evan had a love for metal and rock, compared to Connor’s passion for acoustic bluegrass. This mixing bowl of musical passions helped set a base for their band. But, it wasn’t until Connor took a rafting job in Banks, Idaho where they officially found their sound. The mountain-influenced band formed with a vocalist, Jessica Stoll, bass player, Brett Worley, and drummer, David Provost. From jamming in front of a campfire to getting their foot in the door at local Crouch saloon - The Dirty Shame, Boot Juice grew roots in Idaho.

“I think people are so excited to see a show in the isolated mountain towns that they are really willing to support the bands coming through,” said Connor, “If it wasn’t for these supportive communities, I don’t think we'd have a band today.”

Some may think it is surprising that many musicians have a deep appreciation for the Idaho mountain music scene, but for those within it, they know the importance of celebrating music in the Ponderosa Pines.

“Not only is it a beautiful place to be,” said Jessica, “but it is a perfect corridor connecting to the big city hubs.”

From Banks to Salmon, Idaho, there is a perfect roadmap from the Boise music hub to Missoula, Montana with multiple unique and historical venues along the way. With the deep history of musical success in the mountains of Idaho, this tour route is almost a right of passage for some young bands.

“Maybe it’s the isolation, or maybe it’s the culture,” said Connor “but, either way, these communities are some of the most supportive and excited audiences we get on the road.”

Boot Juice’s unique mash-up of acoustic bluegrass and rock influences was a hit in the region. The name “Boot Juice” not only speaks to the band’s ability to fuel boot-stomping-filled nights, but also speaks to the whitewater community where they were founded (a tradition of chugging beverages out of your boot when you have lost an oar in the river). With a large following of rafters, kayakers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, they are a staple in the many mountain towns. Boot Juice even pays tribute to their Idaho fans in their Mountain Bound music video. The video features the band members playing and floating down the Payette in true Idaho style.

It is evident that there is a certain magic along the banks of the Payette and deep into the Salmon River Region of Idaho that inspires a culture to create and celebrate authentic music. If you are looking for that true Idaho sound, Boot Juice is the band to see. They start their Idaho tour Friday, July 23rd at the Olympic in Boise. But, you can catch them at a couple of their local favorite spots throughout the region like the Banks Cafe and the Dirty Shame Saloon in Crouch!

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Inside Idaho Mountain Music: Boot Juice

Photo Credit: Boot Juice

Inside Idaho Mountain Music: Boot Juice

Photo Credit: Boot Juice




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